Professor Gereltu Borjihan (Borijihan Geriletu in Chinese) Ph.D., the director of institute, found the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry and Mongolian Medicine of Inner Mongolia University at Hohhot in November 29, 1999, under the strong support of the Government of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China.

The Institute was honored as the Inner Mongolian Key Laboratory of Mongolian Medicine Chemistry by the Government of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China in December 5, 2003. The Institute is consisted of two laboratories: Chemistry laboratory of macromolecules and Mongolian Medicine, Pharmacology laboratory of Mongolian Medicine.

 In the field of bio-medical polysaccharides and Mongolian medicine, Professor Borjihan got 5 patents and supervised 50 master and doctorate students since he came to Inner Mongolia University from the University of Tokyo with PhD degree in April of 1999.

1. Clinical study of Mongolian medicine showed, that Piper Longum L. had significant antilipidic effect. Therefore, we studied Piper Longum by chemical analysis and pharmacological assess, and then obtained a few anti-lipid active natural compounds such as pipernonaline, piperlonguminine, and piperine in 2005.

2. New anti-lipid active compounds such as ethyl piperate and piperlonguminine were synthesized by chemical according to the structure of the anti-lipid active natural products and then the anti-lipid activity and toxicity were assessed by animal test in 2005 and got two patents in china.

3. We found that the polysaccharides of astragalus had good anti-lipid activity for the first time and got a patent in china in 2006.

4. The piperic ester of polysaccharides with anti-lipid active was synthesized in 2008.

5. The result of pharmacological study of our research group indicated that the freeze-dried koumiss ( chege, airag in Mongolian) had good anti-lipid activity.