Society of biochemistry, molecular biology founded in IMU

A ceremony marking the establishment of the society of biochemistry and molecular biology of Inner Mongolia was held on Dec 28 at Inner Mongolia University (IMU) in Hohhot, capital of the North Chinese autonomous region, according to IMU officials.

Sponsored by IMU -- the presiding member of the society -- the ceremony attracted the participation of over 100 members of the society.

At the ceremony, IMU professor Xing Wanjin, the first secretary-general of the society, announced the decision by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Inner Mongolia autonomous region to grant an administrative license to Inner Mongolia biochemistry and molecular biology society.

According to IMU officials, the society has 10 member units with 174 individual members.

At the first academic conference of the society held subsequently, professors from some member units presented reports on topics about biochemistry and molecular biology.

IMU officials said that biochemistry and molecular biology were frontier fields experiencing rapid development.

They studied the essence of life at the molecular level, molecular compositions, the structure and function of biology, materials metabolism and regulation and the molecular mechanism of other life phenomena.

Officials said the establishment of the society is expected to promote the exchange and cooperation of academics in these fields.

They added that it will promote the cooperation in major projects -- adding that it will become a bridge and link for exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international biochemistry and molecular biology fields.

Officials said the society would also promote the prosperity and development of biochemistry and molecular biology in Inner Mongolia, helping with personnel training, as well as scientific and technological transformation.

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