Signing ceremony held by IMU and Inner Mongolia Kuainiu Internet of Things Co; Ltd. for their strategic cooperation on breeding of high-end beef cattle and the development of industry concerned

On the morning of May, 26, 2022, IMU and Inner Mongolia Kuainiu Internet of Things Co; Ltd.(IMKITCL) held at the No. 6 Meeting Room of the Academic Center of IMU the signing ceremony for their cooperation on the breeding of high-end beef cattle and the development of the industry concerned. Present at the ceremony were Liu Zhiyu, secretary of IMU CPC Committee, Wu Limin, deputy secretary of IMU CPC Committee and president of IMU, Gao Guanglai, vice president of IMU, Prof. Li Guangpeng of IMU Team for Genetic Improvement of Cattle and Breeding Techniques and the team’s key research members, Zhao Sheng, chairman of the board of IMKITCL, Qiu Jingmei, adviser of IMKITCL and some of IMKITCL management. Also present at the ceremony were Hu Wei, dean of the School of Life Sciences of IMU and director of the State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Regulation & Breeding of Grassland Livestock, Niu Yiding, director of Division of Science and Technology of IMU, Wang Fuzhen, director of Technology Transferring Center of IMU. The signing ceremony was chaired by Gao Guanglai, vice president of IMU. 

Signing ceremony

Prof. Li Guangpeng pointed out at the ceremony that agricultural seed and breed industry has become one of the most-discussed topics in Chinese society and the greatest importance has been attached to it. “Fine breeds top the development of animal husbandry.” As a result, it is necessary for the upgrading and development of modern animal husbandry to strengthen the selection and cultivation of fine breeds of beef cattle. Li said that the cooperation between IMU and IMKITCL relies on the strengths IMKITCL has in the operation, management and market of its cattle resources and the collaboration between two sides gives full play to the accumulation of scientific studies of IMU research team in genetic improvement of cattle and the team’s technological advantages to carry out the breeding and cultivation of high-end beef cattle with its own controllable beef cattle and calves which are high-yielding, high-quality, stress-resistant and high-reproductive and to fill the gap of high-end beef cattle in China

Gao Guanglai, vice president of IMU, chairs the signing ceremony.

Zhao Sheng, chairman of the board of IMKITCL, introduces IMKITCL and its future cooperation with IMU.

Prof. Li Guangpeng introduces the plan and goal for the cooperation.

Agreement signing

The strategic cooperation agreement on high-end beef cattle breeding and the industry development between IMU and IMKITCL is the new start and new thought pattern for their co-development with their combined efforts and their own strengths and also the new milestone breakthrough of smart breeding industry in the internet times. Both sides will stick to the cooperation pattern whose basis is the acceleration of research and development, whose orientation is the improvement of quality of products and whose purpose is the promotion of the development of the industry of high-end beef cattle . They will give full play to their own strengths, tap the potential for their cooperation, release their energy for cooperation, boost the deep and multi-field integration across the board and set up a new benchmark for university-enterprise cooperation and coordinated development.

        After the signing ceremony, the meeting attendees exchanged views about the cooperation details and development of beef cattle industry.

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