Shen Baogen, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and Zhu Shining, academician of CAS, inspect construction and development of discipline of physics

On the afternoon of July, 27, 2022, after attending the conference to establish IMU Advisory Council for Development Strategies & conference to boost the “Double-first-Class” construction, Shen Baogen, research fellow with the Institute of Physics of CAS, academician of CAS and magnetic physicist and Zhu Shining, professor with Nanjing University, academician of CAS and materials physicist, had a symposium with the leading members of the School of Physical Science and Technology(SPST) and teacher representatives to give guiding advice on the construction and development of the discipline of physics. Zhang Jiwei, vice president of IMU and Gao Guanglai, vice president of IMU, attended the discussion.



Shen Baogen, academician of CAS, addresses the discussion.

Zhu Shining, academician of CAS, addresses the discussion.


At the discussion, Prof. Zhao Guojun, deputy dean of SPST, introduced the history of SPST and the discipline construction and development of SPST. Four teacher representatives of SPST-Prof. Zhao Shifeng, Prof. Wang Jun, Prof. Liu Zhifeng, Associate Prof. Zhao Zhenxing and Associate Prof. Xu Shuyin, respectively talked to the academicians about their own research directions, achievements they have made and problems and confusions they are faced with in their research work.

Two academicians carefully listened to the introduction of Prof. Zhao Guojun and what the teacher representatives said and fully affirmed what the school had done and achieved. Shen and Zhu said that the disciplineof theoretical physics of IMU and other related disciplines have a very solid basis and in the new fast-developing social environment the school should concentrate more energy on how to adapt itself to the needs of society, how to make its young teachers develop further and how to attract excellent talents to the school. They said that the school should clearly find out the directions in which its discipline develops, focus more on the needs of society, enhance the exchanges with peers, strengthen the combination of industry, universities and research, carry out the multi-level cooperation and serve the social and economic development. They pointed out that the school should attach equal importance to teaching and research, further strengthen the building of research teams, set stages for young doctors and scholars, encourage young teachers to go out of the university to see what is happening to what they are researching and help them with their exchanges and cooperations with their peers. They thought that the school, should, based on its actual situations, make flexible evaluation system for teachers and researchers so as to make them more enthusiastic about their teaching and research and encourage them to put their heart and soul into the “Double-First-Class” construction of the university.

Two academicians, with their professional and academic strengths, made a full analysis of the key and difficult problems in such aspects as the discipline building, attraction of new high-level talents and output of high-level achievements in the discipline of physics. They gave their advice that conforms to the actual situation and laws for the higher education and which is significant for the future development of the discipline of physics.

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