Men Anming, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other experts inspect building and development of Research Base for Animal Husbandry of School of Life Sciences of IMU(SLS)

After attending the conference to establish IMU Advisory Council and conference to advance IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction on July 27, 2022, Meng Anming, professor of Tsinghua University, academician of CAS and developmental biologist, Lin Xinhua, dean of the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and selectee of Program for One Thousand High-Level Talents from Abroad, Liu Tiemin, professor with the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and young excellent overseas scientist and other experts, inspected the building and development of SLS’ cooperative bases for animal husbandry research. Liu Yongbin, vice president of IMU , Prof. Nasunbuh, deputy dean of SLS, Prof. Li Xihe, Prof. Zhang Teng, Prof. Zhou Yang, Associate Research Fellow Tong Bin, Research Fellow Song Yongli, Associate Research Fellow Wu Baojiang,  participated in the inspection and exchange.

Meng and other experts inspected Ben Teng Yi Mu Company, a branch of Inner Mongolia S.king Group, Inner Mongolia Daxi Biological Co; Ltd, IMU Germplasm Innovation and Reproduction Base for Grassland Livestock and the headquarter of Inner Mongolia S.king Group. They learned in detail about such aspects of the collaborative research bases of SLS of IMU as their size, research progress and research achievements in germplasm in animal husbandry.

Meng and other experts fully affirmed the progress and achievements made by the SLS in the research of grassland livestock. They encouraged SLS to continue to keep its advantages in grassland research, its development with unique characteristics and carry out innovative research intended for the local needs. The experts hoped that SLS can determine its essential research direction and concentrate its energy on specific researches. They also hoped that while keeping its unique research characteristics, SLS should free itself from the influence of mindset imposed by agriculture science and make its biological research shift from macro-application to micro-internal research. The experts thought that SLS should further the exchanges and mutual learning between scientific research platforms and strengthen the two-way flow of talent teams to advance the development and prosperity of biology.  




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