Planning development with wisdom of experts and starting on new journey as one man -documentary report of conference to establish IMU Advisory Council for Development Strategies and conference to advance IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction

Planning its future development with wisdom of experts and starting on a new journey as one man, on the 3rd anniversary of the inspection of IMU by Xi Jinping, general secretary of CPC Central Committee, IMU hosted the 5-day conference to establish its Advisory Council for Development Strategies(ACDS) and conference to advance its “Double-First-Class” construction simultaneously online and offline in Hohhot City from July 26 to 30. Over 10 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE), and well-known institutions of higher learning at home, gathered at IMU and were appointed members of ACDS to draw together a blueprint for IMU to base itself in the northern part of China and boost education and development in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region(IMAR). With academicians foresighted, experts’ views exchanged, teacher representatives of IMU at conference listening carefully and discussing heatedly, care from the IMAR CPC Committee and IMAR government and attention of all circles, IMU has achieved much from the conference.



Plan-Making for the Great Development of IMU by Renowned Well-Known Scientists

The purpose to establish ACDS is to strengthen the strategic guidance and top-level design for IMU and improve the influence of IMU at home and abroad and better the level of its scientific decision-making. It is a strong measure to boost IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction and “Joint Building of IMU by the Ministry of Education(ME) and IMAR Government”. ACDS consists of influential strategic scientists and renowned experts of humanities who will provide high-end advice for IMU on the strategies to better IMU with high-level talents, arrangement of disciplines and majors, cultivation of top-notch and innovative talents and high-level scientific research. Xu Ningsheng, former president of Fudan University and academician of CAS, acts as chairman of ACDS. Jin Li, president of Fudan University and academician of CAS, and Zhang Qingjie, former president of Wuhan University of Technology and academician of CAS, act as vice chairmen of ACDS. And members of ACDS include the following 16 academicians from CAS and CAE: Fang Jingyun, Cheng Huiming, Zou Zhigang, Shen Yan, Shen Baogen, Zhang Yong, Zhang Yue, Meng Anming, Fan Shoushan, Zhu Shining, Zhao Dongyuan, Zhao Jincai, , Zhao Guoping, Zhong Kang, Nan Cewen and Liao Xiangke.

At the main-venue conference on July 27, 2022, well-known scientists and experts gathered together to work out the plan for the great development of IMU. 16 academicians of ACDS attended the conference online or offline. Also present were Kang Feiyu, professor with Tsinghua University and dean of the Postgraduate School of Tsinghua University(Shenzhen City), Prof. Yan Mi, Qiushi special-term professor with Zhejiang University and director of the State Key Laboratory of Baiyunobo Rare Earth Resource Researches and Comprehensive Utilization, Zhang Fan, professor with Fudan University and awardee of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Lin Xinhua, dean of the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and selectee ofProgram for One Thousand High-Level Talents from Abroad.

The members of ACDS present at the conference listened to the reports on the “Double-First-Class” construction of IMU. Focusing on IMU’s aim to become a first-class university with unique characteristics and new situations and new developments of higher education at home and abroad and starting with the key problems that are influencing the high-quality development of IMU, they provided their high-end counselling and gave their advice that conforms to the actual situation of IMU and accords with the laws of the development of higher education on the IMU’s strategy to enhance itself with high-level talents, overall arrangement of its disciplines and majors, cultivation of top-notch innovative students, building of its scientific research platforms, output of high-end research achievements and international exchanges. What the members of ACDS suggested is very significant for strengthening the strategic guidance and top-level design for IMU, improving the influence of IMU at home and abroad, bettering the level of its scientific decision-making and boosting “Double-First-Class” building and “Joint Building of IMU ME and IMAR Government”.


In-Depth Analysis and Great Achievement

During their 5-day pressing journey, the members of ACDS made full use of their professional and academic strengths to completely inspect the discipline groups of IMU and make complete analyses of IMU’s key and hard problems in its “Double-First-Class” construction, “Joint Building by ME and IMAR Government”, development during the “14th-Five-Year -Plan” period and comprehensive reform, and gave their specific guiding advice on the problems.

On the morning of July 25, 2022, Zhao Dongyuan, academician of CAS, inspected the labs of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of IMU(SCCE) and gave his advice on the SCCE’s key research platform-the Scientific Innovation Center for Materials Chemistry, like the center’s basic building plan, scientific research plan and usage of functions. He hoped that SCCE can attach equal importance to research platform building and research team building, establish high-level research platforms with the resources of local characteristics and local energy advantages, improve the discipline building through collaborative innovation and complementation of each other’s advantages between IMU and its cooperative partners. He also hoped that SCCE should strengthen its organization and leadership in its research work and reasonably foster young talents’ scientific research and development direction.

On the afternoon of July 26, 2022, Jin Li, academician of CAS, inspected IMU Germplasm Innovation and Reproduction Base for Grassland Livestock and had a discussion with the experts and leaders from IMAR People’s Hospital, International Mongolia Medicine Hospital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot City First Hospital, Hinggan League People’s Hospital. Jin gave his guiding advice on such work plans as the building and function usage of IMU Germplasm Innovation and Reproduction Base for Grassland Livestock, future teaching and research of IMU Medical Innovation Center and cooperation of Medical Innovation Center with major local hospitals. He hoped that under the guidance of ACDS and based on the demand of China’s strategic development and IMAR’s social and economic development, the School of Life Sciences of IMU should shake off the fetter of agricultural discipline and clearly think over the question of “What on earth can the discipline of biology do” so as to realize the leap and breakthrough of the discipline.

On the afternoon of July 27, 2022, IMU held a ceremony to appoint emeritus professor and special term professor. Jin Li, academician of CAS and geneticist, was appointed honorary professor of IMU. Zhao Dongyuan, academician of CAS and chemist and energy expert, was appointed special term professor of IMU and would hold the post of the president of IMU Academy of Energy and Materials Chemistry. Zhang Fan, awardee of National Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, was appointed the executive president of the academy.

Discussions and inspections were conducted for the disciplines of biology, physics and chemistry and materials science. The academicians respectively had in-depth discussions and inspections for the disciplines.

On the afternoon of July 27, 2022, Jin Li, Zhao Guoping, Zhong Kang and Men Anming, academicians of CAS, Lin Xinhua, dean of the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and selectee of Program for One Thousand High-Level Talents from Abroad and Yang Zhong, executive deputy dean of the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University, inspected the first-class discipline building, had face-to-face exchange and discussion with ordinary teachers of the School of Life Sciences of IMU(SLS) and gave guiding advice on the building and development of the discipline of biology. The academicians and experts hoped that IMU should stick to the aim to build the discipline of life sciences into the world-class discipline. And under the guidance of ACDS, the School of Life Sciences should focus on the strategic development of the country and social and economic development demand of Inner Mongolia, plan the position and level of the state key laboratory and understand clearly the question of “What is the problem and what can be done with the problem”. The School of Life Sciences should clearly know how the group of experts for “Double-First-Class” construction conducts its assessment, follow the specific requirements of ME and attach special importance to mandatory requirements for discipline development. The academicians pointed out that the discipline of biology of IMU should attach importance to the improvement of its own quality, give prominence to its unique characteristics, explore and find out new research object to boost the discipline development in the long run.

On the afternoon of July 27, 2022, Shen Baogen and Zhu Shining, two academicians of CAS, had discussion with leaders and teacher representatives of the School of Physical Science and Technology of IMU. The academicians gave their valuable advice on the further development of the discipline of physics. They hoped that the school should concentrate more energy on how to adapt to the needs of society, how to make its young teachers grow further and how to attract excellent talents to the school. They said that the school should clearly find out the directions in which its discipline develops, focus more on the needs of society, enhance the exchanges with peers, strengthen the combination of industry, universities and research, carry out the multi-level cooperation and serve the social and economic development. They pointed out that the school should attach equal importance to teaching and research, further strengthen the building of research teams, set stages for young doctors and scholars, encourage young teachers to go out of the university to see what is happening to what they are researching and help them with their exchanges and cooperations with their peers. They thought that the school, based on its actual situations, make flexible evaluation system for its teachers and researchers so as to make them more enthusiastic about their teaching and research and encourage them to put their heart and soul into the “Double-First-Class” construction of the university.

On the afternoon of July, 27, 2022, Zhang Qingjie, Zou Zhigang, Zhao Dongyuan and Zhao Jincai, four academicians of CAS, Prof. Kang Feiyu and Prof. Zhang Fan, had a discussion with teacher representatives from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering(SCCE) of IMU and IMU Academy of Energy and Materials Chemistry(AEMC) on the building and development of chemistry and materials science. They listened to the reports on the building of chemistry and materials science of SCCE, measures SCCE has taken in their work, effect of the measures, existing problems, improvement measures, progress in key researches, research achievements of the teachers of the discipline and their future research plans. The experts precisely analyzed and commented on the existing problems and restraining factors for SCCE and the discipline of materials science, and gave constructive advice on the construction and development direction of the discipline. They gave the following suggestions. First, importance should be attached to undergraduate education and basic education and make a perfect balance between teaching and scientific research so as to cultivate first-class undergraduate students and provide reserve force for the development of the discipline. Second, more support should be given to the young scientific and technological talents, and a tailored 5-to-10-year development plan for every young talent should be made in terms of their characteristics and strengths to reasonably guide the young talents in their research work and research direction. Third, based on China’s strategic needs and the advantages of local resources, the discipline should determine a development direction with unique characteristics, according to which big research teams should be formed and a “scientific master+research team” operation model constructed so as to conduct joint researches in an organized way with effective resources and establish the long-term cooperation with local leading enterprises to deliver great achievements through bettering research and expanding research direction. Fourth, equal importance should be attached to the construction of research platforms and that of talent teams and based on the local unique resources and advantages in energy, high-level research platforms should be established; and the cooperation with enterprises should be strengthened to establish joint labs to cultivate postgraduate students jointly, improve the quality to cultivate talents and implement the research projects. SCCE should well integrate its discipline with the disciplines of other schools of IMU and the disciplines of other universities and better the discipline construction through collaborative innovation and mutual complementation of advantages. Fifth, the construction of applied technology research teams should be strengthened, the advanced mechanism and model explored, the guiding policies for the benefits from the transformation of research achievements clarified, do well in the research achievement transformation, especially the transformation of important research achievements that are very influential for the whole society.

On the morning of July 28, 2022, Meng Anming, academician of CAS, Lin Xinhua, dean of the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and selectee of Program for One Thousand High-Level Talents from Abroad, Liu Tiemin, professor with the School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and young excellent overseas scientist and other experts, inspected the building and development of the such cooperative bases for animal husbandry research as Ben Teng Yi Mu Company, a branch of Inner Mongolia S.king Group, Inner Mongolia Daxi Biological Co; Ltd, IMU Germplasm Innovation and Reproduction Base for Grassland Livestock and the headquarter of Inner Mongolia S.king Group. They learned in detail about such aspects of the collaborative research bases of SLS of IMU as their size, research progress and research achievements in germplasm in animal husbandry. They gave their guiding advice on the building and development of the bases and encouraged SLS to continue to keep its advantages in grassland research, its development with unique characteristics and carry out innovative research intended for the local needs. The experts hoped that SLS can determine its essential research directions and concentrate its energy on specific researches. They also hoped that while keeping its unique research characteristics, SLS should free itself from the influence of mindset imposed by agriculture science and make its biological research shift from macro-application to micro-internal research. The experts thought that SLS should further the exchanges and mutual learning between scientific research platforms and strengthen the two-way flow of talent teams to advance the development and prosperity of biology of IMU.

The disciplines have benefited and achieved much from the advice of the experts


Great Care and Warm Responses

The conference was strongly supported by the leadership of IMAR CPC Committee and IMAR government. During the conference, Wang Lixia, deputy secretary of IMAR CPC Committee and governor of IMAR government, Yang Weidong, deputy secretary of IMAR CPC Committee and Huang Zhiqiang, executive deputy governor of IMAR government, respectively met with 11 academicians, expressed their sincere thanks to the academicians for their care and support of education and scientific and technological research in IMAR and introduced to thems the social and economic development and development of higher education in IMAR. The leaders hoped that academicians can act as “think tank” and “brain trust” to strongly promote the building of IMU as the first-class university with unique characteristics and the social and economic development in IMAR, esp. the high-quality development of higher education in IMAR. Present at the main-venue conference on July 27, 2022 were Bao Xianhua, deputy governor of IMAR government, Zhang Qin, deputy director general of the Organization Department of IMAR CPC Committee, Shi Mo, deputy secretary general of IMAR government, Huang Yali, secretary of the Education Work Committee of the CPC Committee of IMAR, secretary of the Education Department CPC Group and director general of Education Department of IMAR and heads of the Staffing Department of the CPC Committee of IMAR, Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department, Industry and Information Department, Human Resources and Social Security Department and Commission on Development and Reform. They had discussions and exchanges with the academicians and other experts present at the conference. Bao Xianhua, deputy governor of IMAR government, personally conferred the appointment letters on the academicians.


Many media covered the conference intensively during the conference. As of 18 o’clock, July 30, 2022, over 230 pieces of news have been released by such media as People’s Daily App, Inner Mongolia Daily, Inner Mongolia News Broadcasting,,, through their apps, news websites, Wechat account and video clips and aroused the wide attention of different circles. Views reached as high as over 650,000 times and brought about warm responses. The teachers and students of IMU felt strong warmth from the attention, support and expectations of the regional-level leaders and other circles of IMAR.


Gathering Ideas and Power for Development and Being Greatly Confident

 With their strong academic accomplishment and wide-range researches, the acdemicians gave their advice, ideas and pointed out directions for IMU’s development. All IMUers are confident in the university’s future. The heads of IMU’s divisions, schools, and ordinary teachers representatives participated in every part of the conference and said that they achieved much from the conference.

Li Weimin, member of IMU CPC Committee and director of the Publicity Department of IMU CPC Committee, said that at the 65th anniversary of the founding of IMU, 19 academicians from CAS and CAE gathered in the blue city of Hohhot to work out together the blueprint of the great development of IMU and the establishment of ACDS is a milestone for the development of IMU. Li pointed out that over 10 media covered the conference in different ways, which resulted in the wide-range and warm social responses and showed the care and support of different circles for IMU. The conference displayed the spirituality of IMUers carrying out the instructions of Xi Jinping to build a first-class university and keeping on the right track and taking the responsibility to make new progress. Li stressed that IMUers knew that they are shouldering the missions that CPC and the government have assigned, bearing the great expectations of the people of different ethnic groups in IMAR. Li said that all the IMUers are sure to live up to the expectations for IMU, strive forward and devote themselves to base the university in the northern part of China and boost education and development in IMAR, which, in his opinion, will make the CPC assured and the people satisfied.

Wang Qin, director of the Department of Development Planning of IMU(DDP), said that through participating in the preparation and organization of ACDS, especially through what academicians said at the conference, he was much enlightened and gained much. First, Wang thought that the philosophy, principles, idea and measures for “Double-First-Class” construction of IMU are more well-grounded. Wang said that as was said by Liu Zhiyu, secretary of IMU CPC Committee, in his thank-you address at the conference, the establishment of ACDS showed that IMU would have its own brain trust, think tank and advisory body and was bound to have a far-reaching impact on the development of IMU. Wang remarked that DDP would firmly put into practice the decisions and plans of the university and set the stage and provide conveniences for the members of ACDS to play the important role in the development of IMU. Second, there would be higher requirements for DDP’s working competence, quality and accomplishment with the task and mission to “build a first-class university with unique characteristics”. Wang held that academicians are not only academically strong but also strict with themselves and they carry out their tasks with drive and sweep and keep perfecting their work, which, Wang thought, demands DDP serve well and support well the work of academicians and provide a good opportunity for DDP to learn and become experienced. Wang assured that DDP is bound to strengthen its political awareness, pay attention to the study of its business, keep improving its work style, enhance its self-improvement and try to strengthen its work competence. Third, Wang pointed out that DDP will have more responsibility and pressure to do its work well. The views and suggestions given by the academicians to the "Double-First-Class " construction of IMU are valuable wealth, which needs DDP to spend more time studying and understanding. As the division for the office work of secretariat of ACDS, DDP is sure to cherish the help of the academicians for IMU, do well the corresponding service and support work for ACDS with the sense of responsibility that DDP always bear in mind. DDP will try to do the beneficial work better, do the important work in detail and do the new work properly so as to live up to the care, trust, kindness and support for IMU.

Niu Yiding, director of the Division of Science and Technology of IMU, said that ACDS consists of 19 strategic scientists who are academically influential in the field of natural science in the world and their giving full play to the role in academic leading and strategic counseling will play a positive role in greatly improving IMU's ability for scientific and technological innovation and its academic influence, attracting and cultivating the scientific and technological leading talents and enhancing IMU's ability to satisfy the strategic needs of the country and IMAR.

Zhou Jiantao, director of the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs of IMU and dean of College of Computer Science(College of Software) of IMU, said that the year of 2022 is the key year to implement the "14th-Five-Year Plan" of IMU and the first year for the new round of "Double-First-Class " construction. Zhou said that as one of the "Double-First-Class" construction candidate universities, how to paly the role of major force to cultivate talents and the role of fresh force to make key scientific and technological breakthroughs is a question that all IMUers need to consider. Zhou said that in Hohhot in mid-summer when the grassland is most beautiful IMU held the conference to establish IMU ACDS and boost its “Double-First-Class” construction and the academicians and experts gathered in the blue city of Hohhot to analyze the above-mentioned question and consider how IMU would develop in the next phase from a broader horizon and with more innovative mentality and serious and responsible attitude. Zhou mentioned that the conference was very successful with the foresight of academicians, the idea exchange of experts, attentive listening of IMU teacher attendees and their heated discussion, care of the IMAR CPC Committee and IMAR government and attention of all circles. Zhou said that in 2019 when Xi Jinping, general secretary of CPC Central Committee, inspected IMU, he told the university that IMU should “be open in its operation, develop itself in competition and build itself into a university with unique characteristics”. Zhou believed that at the 3rd anniversary for all teachers and students of IMU to implement what Xi told them to do, ACDS that consists of the academicians and experts is sure to help IMU to find out a way to develop more openly and with more of its own characteristics in student cultivation, scientific research, social service, cultural inheritance and innovation and help IMU to get to a new high.

Wang Yu, deputy director of the Office of Human Resources and Faculty Affairs Department of the Party Committee, said that the establishment of ACDS is the key strategy of IMU to completely study and implement the new philosophy, new strategy and new measures of general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping about human resources in talent work in a new era and it marks that IMU has its own top “brain trust”, “think tank” and “advisory body”, which provides a strong engine to drive IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction. Wang said that the members of ACDS gave many valuable suggestions and advice on the future development of the university, which enlightened his department much to realize that it takes the university to stick to the attitude of being realistic and pragmatic and combine and use well the talent resources of IMU and those from other sources. Next, his department, Wang said, would make use of the key period of “14th-Five-Year-Plan” faculty construction and carry froward the university’s advantages and consolidate the foundation in discipline building to try to adjust the structure of its faculty to solve the existing problems in the period and make conceited efforts to make great achievements again.

Zhang Shiwei, secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Ethnology and Sociology of IMU(SES), said that it is very significant for IMU to establish ACDS to invite strategic scientists to analyze and advise on IMU’s “14th Five Year Plan” and the university’s development strategy in the next phase at the key moment that IMU is advancing its “Double-First-Class” construction. Zhang mentioned that after hearing the experts’ views and advice, he was enlightened much and gained much and had further understanding and knowledge of the university’s development strategy. Zhang said that the discipline of ethnology is the key discipline whose construction the university has attached great importance to and plays a very important role in the university’s “Double-First-Class” construction. Zhang assured that according to the demand of the university, SES would digest the experts’ views, further study and completely understand and put into practice general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping’s elaborations on strengthening and bettering the work about ethnic affairs, especially the spirit of his instructions he gave when he inspected IMU. Zhang assured that SES would choose a proper development direction, seize the opportunity, make efforts in attracting and cultivating high-level talents, building high-level research platforms and undertaking key research projects, strengthen the building of the research base for forging the sense of the community of the Chinese nation, endeavor to make high-quality achievements and cultivate new-type students to take the mission of national rejuvenation so as to make its contributions to IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction.

Zhang Liping, secretary of the CPC Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Journalism, said that the conference to establish ACDS and advance the “Double-First-Class” construction is an important event in the development of the university’s disciplines. Zhang pointed out that top experts in the fields concerned in China gathered together to advise on, gather wisdom for and empower the development of the university. Zhang maintained that the conference is a high-level one with broad horizon, which shows the university’s train of thought to “manage its education cause openly and cooperatively”. She held that the conference opens up bigger space for the development of university, puts up a platform of higher level  for IMU and pumps more driving force into its development. Zhang pointed out that the conference further implemented the instructions of general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping “to manage the university openly and develop the university in the competition in order to build IMU into a university with unique characteristics” and strengthened the university’s responsibility to serve the strategy of the country and the regional social economic development. Zhang thought that the establishment of ACDS is the important measure taken by IMU CPC Committee to plan the significant issues of the university and break the new ground from a strategic perspective and is sure to make IMU’s discipline development and other work reach a higher level and go into the fast track. Zhang said that she felt very excited to attend the meeting and very confident in the future of IMU.

Zhao Guojun, deputy dean of the School of Physical Science and Technology, said that as was pointed out by Jin Li, vice chairman of ACDS, president of Fudan University and academician of CAS, the establishment of ACDS marks that there will be more and stronger forces to jointly advance the new round of IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction, support IMU to train first-class students, output first-class achievements and make first-class contributions. Zhao especially expressed his thanks to two members of ACDS-Zhu Shining, professor with Nanjing University and academician of CAS and Shen Baogen, research fellow with the Institute of Physics of CAS, for their in-depth analysis and suggestions in the hard and important problems of IMU’s physics discipline about discipline development, attraction and cultivation of high-level talents and output of high-level achievements. Zhao said that two academicians pointed out the direction in which IMU’s physics discipline develops in the following years and gave countermeasures and advice concerning the development of physics discipline that conform to the actual situation of the discipline and accords with the development laws of higher education, which are very significant for the future development of the physics discipline of IMU. Zhao assured that all members of the School of Physical Science and Technology will, with open mind, broad vision and pioneering spirit, get a clear understanding of its weaknesses, clarify its aim, plan its development, focus more energy on developing advantageous research direction of the physics discipline and creating advanced research platforms, aim at the latest academic developments, compare the national standards for “Double-First-Class” construction with the present situation of physics discipline to constantly strive for a better future.  

Hu Wei, dean of the School of Life Sciences of IMU(SLS), expressed her sincere thanks to the academicians and other experts and scholars for their analysis of and advice on the discipline of biology. She said that SLS would adjust its train of thought for its scientific research on the basis of the views and advice of the experts, deepen its understanding of how the discipline positions itself and how it can have its own unique characteristics and accelerate the first-class discipline building so as to boost IMU’s “Double-First-Class” construction and “Joint Building of IMU by ME and IMAR Government”.

Liu Jian, special term dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of IMU(SCCE), said that centering around the existing problems of the disciplines of chemistry and materials science, the experts proposed and hoped that SCCE should form big research teams, build big research platforms and output influential achievements. Liu assured that SCCE is sure to digest the views and advice of the experts, strengthen the plan for the development of the disciplines, optimize the model to cultivate students and talents. Liu also said that SCCE would keep highlighting its own unique characteristics, broaden its path for development, give play to its advantages, build strong research teams, set up strong research platforms, keep in mind a clear train of thought for the future development and keep sensitive about the development direction of the disciplines. Liu said that SCCE would aim at the high-level universities at home to constantly improve the building of the disciplines, strongly support and help SCCE’s faculty to carry out cooperation among research teams and work efficiently for the unique development and needs of IMAR to try to contribute to the “Double-First-Class” construction of IMU.

At the key moment that IMU is boosting its “Double-First-Class” construction, IMU established ACDS to analyze and seek solutions to the existing problems, which is a milestone for IMU. In the future, IMU will thoroughly put into practice the spirit of the instructions Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, gave IMU, and under the guidance of Xi’s instruction to “ develop in an open and competitive way and build IMU into a university with its unique characteristics ”, devote more to and get right on its work in order to build the university into an important base to train high-quality talents, conduct high-level scientific researches, transform high-quality research achievements and make high-level decisions in the northern part of China and to contribute more to building a more beautiful and prosperous Inner Mongolia and realize the China Dream.

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