National key project research team for “Building of the Database of Documents in Uighur Mongolian” finds the inscriptions on precipices in Bairin Left Banner

Recently, Prof. Nasanurtu, director of Northeast Asian Language Resources Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region led his research team to find precipices inscriptions in 3 languages in Xinglongzhuang Village, Lindong Township, Bairin Left Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According to the team’s initial judgement, the inscriptions are in Uighur Mongolian, Chinese and Khitan in Yuan Dynasty. And they are precious historical site of Yuan Dynasty. The traces of historical buildings are also found on the precipices where inscriptions are.

Lindong Township used to be the seat of the government of Linhuang Prefecture, capital of Liao Dynasty, and Linhuang County and Changtai County respectively which were under the jurisdiction of Linhuang Prefecture. In Qing Dynasty, where now Lindong Township is was under the jurisdiction of Barin Left Banner. From 1912 to 1949, it was under the jurisdiction of Barin Left Banner and Lindong County respectively. In 1955, it became Lindong Township. Now near Xinglongzhuang Village are such historical relics and tourist attractions as Museum of Shangjing of Liao Dynasty, and Grotto of Zhenji Lamasery, relics of quaternary glacier, tombs of emperors of Liao Dynasty and the city near the tombs, grotto of Houzhao Lamasery and tombs of the family of Hang Kuangsi


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