IMU holds ceremony to appoint Research Fellow Chogjin its distinguished professor

On the morning of February 27, 2023, IMU held grand ceremony at No. 8 meeting room of the Center for Academic Conferences to appoint Chogjin, research fellow with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS) its distinguished professor.

Appointment ceremony

Liu Zhiyu, secretary of IMU CPC Committee, conferred the appointment letter on Research Fellow Chogjin.

Liu Zhiyu, secretary of IMU CPC Committee, confers the appointment letter on Research Fellow Chogjin.

Liu Zhiyu thanked Chogjin for his joining IMU. Liu said in his address that Research Fellow Chogjin had been caring for and paying his attention to the building and development of his alma mater-IMU. Many achievements made by IMU in humanities resulted from his efforts. Liu said that faced with new situations and new tasks, IMU should take new responsibilities and make new efforts. Liu pointed out that the whole university should profoundly study, publicize and seriously implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, the important elaborations of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC, on the prosperous development of philosophy and social sciences and his instructions for IMU. Liu Zhiyu said that while centering around the target of IMU to develop itself into a first-class university that the CPC and the people feel satisfied with and has unique characteristics, IMU should focus on key theoretical and practical issues, gather top talents of IMU and other institutions, create emerging interdisciplinary organizations, carry out high-level academic exchanges, organize the research of key projects, provide high-quality consultancy service and try to make iconic important achievements to make its own unique and effective contributions in driving the prosperous development of philosophy and social sciencec with Chinese characteristics. Liu also said that the different departments of IMU should keep abreast with the appointed experts, fully cooperate with them, keep open and inclusive and integrated in discipline development, emancipate their mind, change their outdated ideas, make good, top-level and strategic plans and raise their standards to make IMU reach a new high.

Liu Zhiyu, secretary of IMU CPC Committee, addresses the ceremony.

After accepting the appointment, Chogjin recalled his own growth and study at IMU and in Inner Mongolia and his profound feelings for IMU and Inner Mongolia. He said that coming back to IMU was like coming back home. He expressed his determination to try to help IMU with its building and development.

Research Fellow Chogjin delivers his acceptance address.

Erhembayar, vice president of IMU, presided over the ceremony.

Erhembayar, vice president of IMU, presides over the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Liu Zhiyu, secretary of the IMU CPC Committee and Erhembayar, vice president of IMU, had discussion and exchange with Chogjin.

Discussion and exchange

The members of IMU leadership and heads of different departments attended the ceremony

A brief introduction to Chogjin

Chaogjin, male, Mongolian ethnic group, was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 1958 and is a PhD of Law. He is now member of CASS, director of the Department of Literature and Philosophy, member of the presidium of CASS, research fellow of the Institute of Ethnic Literature of CASS, distinguished professor and PhD supervisor of University of CASS. He enjoys the allowance of the State Council and used to be CPC secretary and director of the Institute of Ethnic Literature of CAS

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