Prof. Wang Wenbo with the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of IMU wins the Inventor Award of the 13th “Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards”

Recently, China Association of Inventions issued the certificates for Inventor Award of the 13th “Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards”(Certificate No. 0123). Prof. Wang Wenbo with the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of IMU(CCCE) won, the Inventor Award, the only winner in Inner Mongolia.

“Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards” are non-governmental awards which were approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.C., established by China Association of Inventions and registered by National Office for Science and Technology Awards in 2005. The awards include Inventor Award, Innovation Award and Program Award. The Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards follow the principles to respect work, knowledge, talents and invention, commend those inventors who have made technological inventions and contributed much economically or socially in entrepreneurship and industrialization of their inventions and publicize their deeds in innovation and entrepreneurship so as to  arouse people’s enthusiasm for invention and entrepreneurship, strengthen the creative vitality of the whole society, boost the transformation of the inventions, lay a solid foundation for greatly promoting the independent scientific and technological innovation and make contributions to building China into an innovation-oriented country.


To meet such needs as the high-value utilization of unique nonmetallic mineral resources, ecological environment restoration and green chemical engineering in the western areas of China, Prof. Wang Wenbo has led his research team to carry out the in-depth industry-university-research cooperation, develop the new strategies and technologies for reconstruction of radical-induced mineral genes to realize all-component transformation and utilization of component complicated minerals, and developed such technologies as depolymerized nanocrystallization of natural minerals and high-value utilization of mineral functional materials, coal-based solid waste and rare earth tailings, develop with unique resources in western areas of China such products as absorption materials and separation materials which can deeply purify water, catalytic materials, mineral ecological materials used in the construction of high-standard farmland and improvement of saline land and mineral-based nano materials for polymer reinforcement and inflaming retarding. Wang and his team have promoted the whole-chain(resource-product-commodity) and integrated innovation and resolved the bottleneck problems between basic research, technological innovation and research achievement transformation. His research results have been transformed in the enterprises. Wang has over 70 authorized invention patents. His research results and invention patents have brought benefits of nearly RMB 300 million and effectively aided the economic development of Inner Mongolia. In training students, Wang has been following the principle to foster students through practice, i.e. “integration of scientific research and teaching, integration of production and teaching and promotion of teaching by research”. He has guided the students to complete the project named “Turning Waste into Gold to Clean the Environment-Leader in High-Value Utilization of Coal Gangue” which won the regional-level gold medal in Inner Mongolia competition zone and a national-level bronze medal at the 8th International College Students’ “ Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the project named “Lemon Gathers Forces Together-Low Carbon Technology Turns Wood into Treasure to Empower Rural Revitalization”  which has won the regional-level gold medal in Inner Mongolia competition zone and qualified itself for the national competition at the 9th International College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Prof. Wang has fostered a large number of innovation-and-entrepreneurship oriented students.

Group picture of some members of Prof. Wang Wenbo’s research team

A brief introduction to the award winner:

Prof. Wang Wenbo is a high-level talent who has joined IMU through the university’s talent program-Steed Program. He is also “Leading Talent under ‘Grassland Talent Program’ of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region”, winner of “Inner Mongolia Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists”, “Talent under ‘Western Light Program’ of Chinese Academy of Sciences” and “Young and Middle-Aged Experts of Jiangsu Province with Outstanding Contributions”. Wang has successively taken charge of over 20 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Inner Mongolia Program for Key Research and Development and Research Achievement Transformation, Inner Mongolia Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists and STS Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Wang has respectively won such 10 awards for his research achievements as the 2nd prize of the National Technology Invention Awards, the 1st prize of Gansu Province Technology Invention Awards, the 1st prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Awards and Industry-University-Research Cooperation Awards. He was awarded the “Medal for the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Founding of the People’s Republic of China” by the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission of the CPC. Wang has been listed among the world’s top 2% scientists according to his career-long-impact and single-recent-year impact. He has published over 180 SCI(science citation index) articles, 4 of which are highly citated ones of ESI. And these articles have been cited over 6,000 times and their H index is 43. Prof. Wang has published 1 Chinese monograph, 1 English monograph published by Elsevier and co-published 4 Chinese or English monographs with others. He has over 70 nationally authorized patents, some of which have been put into use. Wang also participated in the formulation of 1 industrial standard(JC/T 2412-2017), which has been issued and put into effect. Prof. Wang Wenbo has been editorial board member of SCI journal-Frontiers in Materials, member of the mineral materials sub-society of the Chinese Ceramic Society, member of China Nonmetallic Mineral Products Standard Technical Committee and member of the 2nd Expert Committee of China Nonmetallic Minerals of China Nonmetallic Minerals Industry Association.


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