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The Commission of Discipline Inspection (Supervision Office)

The Commission of Discipline Inspection (Supervision Office) has one group of staff but two names. It is responsible for safeguarding the Party Constitution and other Party laws and regulations; supervising and inspecting the implementation of the Party's lines, principles, policies and resolutions, as well as the resolutions and  decisions made by school Party committee and administration; assisting strengthen the construction of a clean government, organizing and coordinating the  anti-corruption work, and promoting the construction of the system of punishing and preventing corruption; carrying out the publicity and education of clean governance and the construction of a clean governance culture; organizing the education activities of infusing the Party spirit, Party conduct and Party discipline to all Party members, especially to the leading cadres; carrying out the supervision of the Party organizations at all levels, leading cadres and the administrative supervisees on abiding by the Party discipline and government discipline, self-disciplining, performing the duties and constructing a clean government; organizing special inspections and supervision on key areas and key links, and putting forward suggestions for inspection (supervision); dealing with the reflections on behaviors of violating the Party and government disciplines and verifying the clues of these issues; investigating and dealing with the cases of Party members’ violating Party disciplines and supervisees’ violating government disciplines; accepting the complaints and appeals from Party members and supervisees who are unsatisfied with the punishment  to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

The Commission of Discipline Inspection sets up an Office which is co-located with Supervision Office. It has three sections, namely, Discipline Inspection and Supervision Section Ⅰ, Discipline Inspection and Supervision Section Ⅱ, Discipline Inspection and Supervision Section Ⅲ.

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