Huawei engineers give insights into 5G at university

Three senior engineers from Huawei Technologies Co Ltd opened the eyes of students at Inner Mongolia University (IMU) recently, when they gave a lecture on the wonders and massive potential for 5G to revolutionize peoples’ lives.

Invited by IMU’s College of Electronic Information Engineering, the Huawei technicians gave the lecture to students at the university campus in Hohhot, capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Oct 16.

During the lecture, the engineers gave a detailed report on 5G's industrial development, business development and Huawei's solutions for 5G.

The engineers stressed that only by ensuring 5G fully meets the needs of users, can the technology be widely used in smart phones, smart home appliances and other areas -- providing a variety of humanized services and ultimately ensuring the long-term development of the 5G terminal business.

According to the students present, the lecture was invaluable. It not only enriched their professional knowledge, but also gave them a deeper understanding of China's current 5G development position, helping them to determine their further research directions.

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