IMU professor attends key forum on new media

The growing influence of emerging technologies -- such as artificial intelligence and 5G -- on the development of the future media industry -- took the spotlight at a Shanghai forum attended recently by a top professor from Inner Mongolia University (IMU).

Invited by the organizers, Wei Yonggui, the dean and professor of the IMU’s College of Literature and Journalism, attended a sub-forum of the 2019 International New Media Forum held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai on Oct 28.

The forum -- sponsored by SJTU’s School of Media and Communication and International Communication Association -- mainly focused on how the new technologies would shape the media industry’s development trends.

At the special sub-forum for deans, Wei gave a briefing on the current situation with the development of big data and artificial intelligence in Inner Mongolia -- and analyzed the geographical advantages and utilization of big data and AI in the North China autonomous region.

Wei expressed his hope to communicate with developed regions and promote the wide application of emerging technology in the field of media communications.

He also extended invitations to all the experts and academics present, from nearly 40 universities, to come to Inner Mongolia to use big data and AI analysis facilities to promote the development of talent, academics and science and technology.

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