IMU, enterprise partner up in dairy sheep research

An important cooperation agreement on research into dairy sheep between a key Inner Mongolia University laboratory and a regional husbandry company was signed on Nov 11, IMU officials said.

They said the partnership accord was between the State-key laboratory of reproduction regulation and breeding of grassland livestock at IMU and a local enterprise -- Mengtianran Animal Husbandry Technology Development Company.

The signing ceremony took place at IMU in Hohhot, capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

According to IMU officials, their lab and the local company have been working since 2015 on projects involving scientific research and the industrial development of the dairy sheep sector.

The new contract aims to give full play to the respective advantages of the school and the company. It will deepen their cooperation, innovation and promote the research and applications of dairy sheep breeding and breeding technology. It also aims to promote the development of relevant scientific research and apply it to the sheep industry.

Officials said the cooperation is a move to combine IMU's skills sets -- in research, expertise and modern reproductive biotechnology -- with the company’s capital, market resources and other advantages.

It is expected to play an important role in IMU’s development as a world-class establishment, officials said.

This is especially in improving the ability and level of the university's disciplines to connect with leading local industries -- and serve local economic and social development, as well as in discipline development, talent training, commercialization of research achievement and other aspects.

In the near future, the two sides will jointly build an innovation platform -- the Mengtianran Dairy Sheep Industry Research Institute.

It will focus on key issues in the development of dairy sheep industry.

Officials said it will carry out scientific research and explore and innovate in the construction and operation of the platform – as well as a cooperation mechanism – and push the commercialization and application of scientific and technological achievements.

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