IMU moves to build Uighur-type Mongol literature database

Members of the research team for construction of the Uighur-type Mongol literature database meet in Hohhot on May 30. [Photo/]

Inner Mongolia University (IMU) held a meeting on May 30 on promoting the construction of the Uighur-type Mongol literature database in Hohhot -- capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- attracting the participation of 24 members of the project team, according to IMU officials.

They said the project was approved as a major initiative of the National Social Science Fund of China in 2019.

The purpose was to publish research articles on the collection and collation of Uighur-type Mongol literature and transcriptions of Mongol syllables, as well as the collection and translation of Uighur-type Mongol literature research works and historical studies of Uighur-type Mongol literature.

At the same time, the project will complete research and development tasks. These include conversion protocols, based on a Latin transcription system, to different languages. Other tasks include original digitization of Uighur-type Mongol documents and database and platform building.

Erhimbayar, vice-president of IMU, stressed that the digitalization project of Uighur-type Mongol literature is another important measure to promote the construction of IMU as "double first-class" university -- its efforts to build itself into a world-class university with world-class disciplines.

He expressed his hope that the members of the research team would overcome difficulties and organize and promote the project research and development to a high level of quality and quantity.

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