The course of Microbiology of Yuan Lin’s teaching team with the School of Life Sciences of IMU goes online on the Indonesian MOOC platform

On June 20, 2023, the Symposium on Digital Transformation Leading the Change in Higher Education was held at Universitas Terbuka in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the symposium, XuetangX signed with Indonesia Cyber Institute the cooperation agreement on the 2nd batch of courses in their large-scale open online educational cooperation. 172 online courses of 68 universities of China are officially started in Indonesia. The course of Microbiology of Prof. Yuan Lin who is with the School of Life Sciences of IMU is recommended into the list of online courses that will be launched in Indonesia.

The course of Microbiology is one of the first batch of courses for the international platform which is supported by the Office of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs of IMU in response to the General Plan of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education to Build the International Platform for Online Teaching.

The course of Microbiology officially began its operation on the online platform of XuetangX in 2022 and has been operating for 3 semesters. To solve such problems in teaching as lack of analysis of conditions of learning, the limited reflections in class and limitation of combination of industry and university, the teaching team of this course has designed the course according to the principle of constructive alignment and carried out the constructive learning on the basis of the coherence of learning objective, learning activities and learning testing to boost effective learning. On the basis of clarifying and detailing the teaching objective of each lesson, the course modularizes the course content to reorganize it as the following 5 parts: cellular structure and functions, nutrition and metabolism, information flow and inheritance, effect of microorganisms and phylogenetics. And the development of two core abilities of scientific mode of thinking and basic experimental skills is implemented throughout the whole course. In the teaching, considering the students’ knowledge level, teachers can use online teaching materials in combination with offline teaching, carry out the student-centered teaching and learning in different ways, upgrade such low-level thinking training as memory and understanding to such high-level thinking training as application, analysis, comment and innovation to realize deep learning and make the students develop two core abilities: ability of scientific thinking and that of basic experimental skills. The course has 10 chapters, 55 knowledge points and 55 videos.

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