IMU field research station gets national approval

A field research facility built by Inner Mongolia University has been included on a list of national-level scientific observation and research stations for 2019, university officials said.

The IMU facility on the list – published recently by the Ministry of Education – is described as a "Scientific Observation and Research Station of Typical Grassland Ecosystem".

IMU officials said that the scientific field research station will serve the nation’s ecological security strategy and meet the needs of sustainable development of grassland and animal husbandry.

In addition, it will focus on improving the monitoring   of the key ecological elements of water, soil, gas and biology -- especially grass and livestock -- and the levels of ecosystem research.

Officials said it would boost environmental protection and serve as a scientific and technological demonstration service for grassland and animal husbandry.

The development of the facility is expected to advance various university disciplines including biology and help train high-level IMU talent.

Officials said a scientific observation and research station is a basic platform for field observation, scientific experiments, practical teaching and technological demonstrations.

It is an important basis of scientific and technological innovation and an important component of a scientific and technological innovation system.

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