Key symposium held on developing biology discipline

Gao Guanglai, vice-president of IMU, gives a speech on Dec 13. He was talking at the opening ceremony of the first symposium on cooperation between IMU and other four universities to jointly develop a first-class biology discipline. [Photo/]

The first symposium between Inner Mongolia University and other four universities to jointly develop a first-class biology discipline was held in IMU in Hohhot, capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Dec 13-14.

Leading participants included Professor Gao Guanglai, the vice president of IMU, as well as professors from the Schools of Life Sciences of Fudan University (FU), Jilin University (JLU), Lanzhou University (LZU) and Northeast Normal University (NENU).

IMU officials said over 200 people participated the symposium, including leaders from relevant IMU departments, professor Li Yonghong, dean of IMU’s School of Life Science, as well as five renowned biology experts and scholars and IMU graduates.

At the opening ceremony of the symposium, Gao Guanglai outlined the basic situation for developing a first-class biology discipline at the IMU biology.

He expressed his congratulations on the convening of the seminar and thanked experts and academics for participating in the symposium.

Subsequently, FU professor Lin Xinhua, JLU professor Lai Liangxue, NENU professor Liu Bao, LZU professor Cheng Bo and IMU professor Liu Dongjun were invited to give presentations.

According to IMU officials, there were six sub-forums held during the symposium.

The discussions by experts mainly focused on such topics as animal reproduction and development biology, plant molecular biology, plant chemistry, plant genetics and evolution, molecular cell biology, microorganisms and immunity, ecology and applications, education and teaching and personnel training.

A total of 42 experts and academics from the five universities gave reports and held extensive and in-depth exchanges.

These were on, among others, the frontier issues of biology disciplines, the development prospects of the disciplines, the building up of teaching staff, the creation of first-class biology disciplines -- and such common problems as establishing and maintaining first-class training.

IMU officials said the five universities formally agreed to work together in animal reproduction and development biology, cell and molecular biology, human phenotype groups, microbiology, botany and in other fields.

They also established specific cooperation and joint plans to attract top staff and for training and relevant platforms.

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