Prof. Feilong selected as one of “Most Beautiful Workers” in 2023 in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Recently, the result for the selection and model-setting of “Most Beautiful Workers” in 2023 in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region(IMAR) has been announced. Prof. Feilong with the College of Computer Science(College of Software) of IMU has been selected as one of “Most Beautiful Workers” in IMAR.

The selection and model-setting were jointly carried out by the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of IMAR and Federation of Trade Unions of IMAR to carry forward the “Mongolian-horse” spirit, spirit of the Three North Forest Shelter Program, spirit of model workers, working spirit and spirit of craftsmanship in the whole society, encourage the workers all over the autonomous region to learn from the most beautiful workers and try their best to become the most beautiful workers and organize the workers in the region to write new chapters of Chinese modernizations in order to accomplish “Five Tasks” and build, across-the board, Inner Mongolia into a model autonomous region.

Through the recommendation of leagues and cities and different industries and serious and fair appraisal of the selecting committee, 10 people were nominated as the candidates for “Most Beautiful Workers” in IMAR.

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