Conference held to promote double first-class construction

A key conference was held on Nov 6 at Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot city, to promote the school’s moves towards what it calls double first-class construction -- its efforts to evolve into a first-class academic institution -- according to university officials.

Officials said the term double first-class refers to IMU becoming both a world-class university and offering world-class disciplines.

At the conference in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, IMU Vice-President Gao Guanglai presented a three-year action plan and fund budget application to achieve double first-class status.

He said it was important to study relevant policy documents in depth and find gaps in IMU’s first-class disciplines.

Other measures needed to be taken included strengthening IMU’s research and scientific development, as well as establishing academic evaluation indicators suitable for the development of disciplines, with reference to international and domestic academic evaluation systems.

He added that it was also critical to actively respond to the major strategic deployment of the country and the autonomous region, and make efforts to focus on talent training, team building and the construction of large-scale scientific research sharing platforms.

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