IMU, Hailaar high school tighten their links

Inner Mongolia University (IMU) in Hohhot in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, inked a cooperation agreement with No 2 High School of Hailaar in Hulunbuir -- and awarded it the title of “Excellent Student Source Base of Inner Mongolia University” -- at a signing ceremony on Nov 15.

According to IMU officials, the university will further boost its links with the high school, actively exploring the connection between basic education and higher education.

The accord will give full play to their respective advantages, to jointly build a strong student resources base.

After the ceremony, Professor Huang Baoqi from IMU, gave a talk on his university and its bachelor degree majors to students from the senior two and senior three levels in the high school.

He provided a practical account of IMU conditions to and shared the relationship between career planning and disciplines and majors with the students in combination with his own experiences.

He told students about the relationship between disciplines and majors and the influence of different levels of university on graduates' employment and also discussed how to choose schools and majors.

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