IMU to cooperate with Mongolia on important research project

A research project exploring "key technologies of Chinese-Mongolian speech translation based on deep learning" -- which was applied for by professor Gao Guanglai of Inner Mongolia University (IMU) -- has been approved to be on the national key research and development plan, IMU officials said.

According to officials, the project is hosted by the College of Computer Science at IMU and is being jointly implemented with the Institute of Mathematics and Digital Technology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

They said the project duration is three years: from Jan 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2022.

The project leader is professor Gao Guanglai and the project sub-task leader is associate professor Feilong.

The leaders said with the extensive connections between China’s Belt and Road Initiative and neighbor Mongolia’s “Development Road” initiative, there have been increasing exchanges between China and Mongolia in the fields of economics, culture, tourism and education.

However, they added, there is still no mature Chinese-Mongolian phonetic translation system available.

This project will research speech translation technology that takes deep learning technology as the framework.

It will load Mongolian speech in the Khalkh dialect as the Mongolian input, through speech recognition and intelligent machine translation, and finally target Chinese speech output.

Once this technology makes a breakthrough, it will expected to promote the development of artificial intelligence and related disciplines.

These can be widely used in many fields such as economics and trade and cultural exchanges between China and Mongolia.

IMU officials said it has important academic and applications value and of great significance, for the strategic cooperative relationship between the two countries.

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