Forum on innovation, entrepreneurship kicks off at IMU

The opening ceremony for the fifth forum on innovation and entrepreneurship is held at the IMU in Hohhot, capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Nov 30. [Photo/]

The fifth forum on innovation and entrepreneurship, which was held at Inner Mongolia University on Nov 30 to Dec 1, had a big agenda, according to the organizers.

It aimed to further promote innovation and education in entrepreneurship, as well as to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talent and offer a platform for students and teacher to exchange their ideas, they said.

During the event -- held in Hohhot, the capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- many Chinese and international experts were invited to give special lectures on innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting more than 700 teachers and students.

According to IMU officials, 80 works from students which were selected by experts were intensively displayed in IMU’s south and north campuses.

Through WeChat voting by student representatives and teachers' representatives and on-site evaluation by experts, 10 "my favorite works" and 18 "best creative works" were chosen.

After the preliminary evaluation by experts, 27 academic papers and their writers were chosen to participate in academic exchange activities.

After presentations by the authors and an expert review, nine "excellent academic papers" were chosen.

IMU officials said that the school has always attached great importance to the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

A series of innovation and entrepreneurship education measures taken by the IMU have further yielded great results, they said.

It has promoted the improvement of students' innovative spirit, entrepreneurship awareness and innovation and entrepreneurship ability.

It has also promoted the active participation of teachers and students and jointly promoted the new development of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

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