Exhibition on ancient cliffside carving held at IMU

An opening ceremony for an exhibition covering the research on an ancient cliffside stone carving – as well as on other historical sites -- opened at Inner Mongolia University (IMU) in Hohhot, capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Dec 11.

According to the organizers the exhibition, featuring the ancient carving called Yanran Mountain inscriptions, attracted the participation of nearly 100 experts, scholars and graduate students from universities and research institutions.

According to IMU officials, the research was mainly conducted by the university’s Mongolian Research Center, its School of Mongolian Studies and Mongolia’s Genghis Khan University.

It mainly focused on studying a cliffside stone carving from the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) located at Yanran Mountain -- Hang’ai Mountain in today's Mongolia -- aiming to advance the study of the history of northern ethnic groups.

At the ceremony, IMU President Chen Guoqing warmly welcomed the experts and scholars.

Xin Deyong and Zhu Yuqi, professors from Peking University and other guests delivered speeches in which they talked about the research process and future of the cliffside stone carving, as well as related historical sites with similar inscriptions.

The exhibition, which will last until Dec 20, features the research results of the joint investigation, the location map of the Yanran mountain cliffside stone inscriptions and a digital surface map of the engraving.

It also features the cliff rubbings, the site of the Huns tombs, the site of Wokuotaihe Winter Palace, the site of the ancient city of Halahelin, an aerial survey map of the ancient city of Halabalagaxun, Huiteng River Mongolian characters from theYuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Bogeda Mountain’s Mongolian inscriptions and cliff paintings.

After the ceremony, a symposium was held on the Yanran Mountain inscriptions cliffside stone engraving, to summarize the results and collect the opinions of experts and scholars on further research in the future.

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