IMU, LZU discuss deeper cooperation

A delegation from Lanzhou University has a symposium with Inner Mongolia University representatives on deepening their cooperation. [Photo/imu/]

A delegation from Lanzhou University (LZU) visited Inner Mongolia University (IMU) in Hohhot, capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Dec 20, aiming to deepen cooperation between the two sides, according to LZU and IMU officials.

Led by Yan Chunhua, the president of LZU, his delegation met with IMU President Chen Guoqing, vice presidents Zhang Weiji and Erhimbayar and other heads of IMU departments.

At the symposium, on behalf of IMU, Chen extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Yan Chunhua and his delegation.

Chen reviewed a series of work carried out since the establishment of relations between the two universities.

He talked about the rapid development of IMU in recent years, as well as the achievements it has made in promoting the economic and social development of the autonomous region.

Chen noted that both IMU and LZU both are located in the western region of China.

He said that for a long time, IMU has paid close attention to the development achievements of LZU -- and has always wanted to understand and learn from the efficient administration of that campus.

For his part, Yan Chunhua gave a briefing on the construction and development of LZU.

He pointed out that as universities located in the northwest, LZU and IMU had similar development paths and faced the same opportunities and challenges in the current "double first-class" construction -- the expression used for the process of turning a local university in to a world-class academic institution.

Both sides said there was a demand for in-depth cooperation between the two universities. Yan put forward suggestions on further promoting the joint links with the ministry and local authorities and for deepening their mutual cooperation

Participants of the symposium also had in-depth discussions on recruiting the best staff, discipline and planning management, research organization management and other issues.

According to IMU officials, LZU is in a position to actively help IMU plan its reform and development ideas, tailoring the objectives and content for the joint construction of the two universities.

They said LZU has actively promoted the implementation of the cooperation agreement, providing new and very significant historical opportunities for IMU’s development.

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