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The Foreign Languages College founded in 1999 evolved from its predecessor—the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of Inner Mongolia University established in 1978. The college consists of the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, the Department of Russian Language and Literature, the Section of College English Teaching and the International Culture Research Center. English, Japanese and Russian majors constitute the undergraduate program of the college, and the languages being taught at the college are English, Japanese, Russian, German and French, making the college the one with the largest variety of languages and majors among its counterparts in Inner Mongolia. The college is authorized for offering one master’s program at the level of primary discipline for Foreign Language and Literature, five master’s programs at the level of secondary discipline for Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Japanese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature and MIT.

The college is staffed with a highly competent and vigorous teaching contingent consisting of 129 faculty members, including 58 full-time teachers, 61 college English teachers, more than 10 foreign teachers; 11 professors, 39 associate professors; 1 doctoral supervisor and 30 master trainers; 27 doctors, 6 PhD candidates, and 69 MAs. The number of students totals more than 1,400, among which more than 300 are graduate students and more than 600 undergraduate students. More than ten foreign teachers have been working at the college over the years teaching English, Japanese and Russian. Over the past years the rates of admission to postgraduate programs and double majors and the employment rate of graduates of all the three majors have maintained a relatively high level, and the pass rate of Grade 4 and Grade 8 tests for all the three majors have been stabilized at 95% or higher.

Over the past two decades, the college has always been adhering to the principle of “cultivating talents in foreign languages with solid foundation, extensive knowledge, strong adaptability and innovative spirit”. Graduates from the college are found not only in China but also in over 20 countries and regions across the world, who are highly praised by their employers and play important roles in the economic construction and cultural exchanges both for the State and for the autonomous region.

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