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School of Philosophy, with its long-standing history, well-ordered inheritance, scientific and complete knowledge system and systematic and standardized training paradigm, is characterized by the pursuit of truth, kindness and beauty as its inherent tributes. Founded on the basis of its predecessor, the Department of Philosophy of the College of Humanities, the School of Philosophy is a research-oriented school and the philosophical research center in the western part of China with time-honored tradition, profound theoretical accumulation and distinct features in its research. The major of philosophy was founded in 1971, and the Department of Philosophy in December, 1978. In 1979, the Department started to enroll graduate students majoring in philosophy and Mongolian-speaking class for the training of philosophy teachers. The enrolment of undergraduates majoring in philosophy started in 1980 and has kept uninterrupted henceforth. In December 1996, the College of Humanities of Inner Mongolia University was instituted comprising the Department of Chinese Language & Literature, the Department of History and the Department of Philosophy. In February 2008, the School of Philosophy was founded on the basis of the Department of Philosophy.

Presently there are 25 teachers at the school, including 23 full-time teachers, most of whom graduated from the Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Wuhan University and other well-known universities in China. The ratio between students (including both undergraduate students and postgraduate students) and teachers is 10:1. Among the full-time teachers, there are 9 professors, 2 associate professors, with senior-title holders accounting for 48%; 19 doctors and 3 Ph.D. candidates, accounting for 96% of the total. A relatively young teaching staff with high professional titles and high educational background constitute the backbone of the School. Among the faculty members there is 1 member of the Philosophy Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, 3 awarded the title of Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions to Inner Mongolia, 2 selected into the project of Grassland Elites, 2 designated as Class I and 4 as Class II candidates for the project of New Century 321 Talent Project” in Inner Mongolia.

The School of Philosophy keeps moving forward in the construction of disciplines and academic degrees. It was authorized to confer master’s degree in Philosophy of Science in 1998, master’s degree in Marxist Philosophy in 2002. The School obtained approval for primary discipline master’s degree program in Philosophy in 2010. In 2012, it began to enroll postgraduates in four secondary disciplines, namely Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign philosophy and Philosophy of Science, which laid the foundation for the application of primary discipline doctoral degree program in philosophy. There are 13 master’s supervisors in the School of Philosophy; 4 of them are Ph.D tutors in Basic Principles of Marxism.

The School has constructed two research platforms—the Chinese Systematic Philosophy Research Center and the Research Center for the Ecological Civilization and Social Development of Inner Mongolia, assembling the academic innovation teams of human philosophy and ecological philosophy at the university level, founded the digital literature center of the philosophy and the religious culture of the northern ethnic groups of the Yuan Dynasty and participated in the construction of the Base for the Social, Historical and Cultural Studies of Inner Mongolia. Since 2008, the School has made remarkable achievements in teaching and research, as is indicated by 3 projects sponsored by the National Social Science Fund, 1 project of innovation sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 projects of humanities and social sciences sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 8 projects sponsored by the Department of Education of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and 50 other projects with the total project funds amounting to more than RMB3 million; the faculty members have published more than 200 theses in Xinhua Digest, Philosophy Research and Studies on Marxism as well as 9 monographs; more than 10 prizes have been awarded to its faculty members for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The remarkable achievements in teaching reform and major construction are best represented by the approval of the major of Philosophy as a key major at the provincial level, 1 second-prize for Outstanding Teaching Achievement at the provincial level, the designation of two teaching teams as Excellent Teaching Team at the provincial level, the labeling of 5 courses as high-quality courses at the provincial level and 7 courses at the University level.

The School focuses on research and education in the history and principles of philosophy; emphasizes on the ability to transform knowledge into wisdom and to combine the theory into practice. Therefore students with complete knowledge system, high-quality thinking pattern, good logical analysis ability and excellent writing skills can build a systematic world outlook and methodology of philosophy. The quality of undergraduate education keeps increasing. The rate of admission to postgraduate programs has been standing at 45% or above for the past 5 years, ranking the first among the colleges of liberal arts of the University. Most of the students were admitted to universities under the “985 Program”, and the initial employment rate of undergraduates is over 86%.

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