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The predecessor of School of Economics and Management is Department of Economics which was established in 1978. After more than three decades of development, School of Economics and Management has become an important center for cultivating senior management talents in Inner Mongolia and the western regions of China. Some disciplines were listed as Key Construction ones in “Project 211” and “Project of Enhancing Comprehensive Strength of Universities and Colleges in the Central and Western Regions”

School of Economics and Management covers two disciplines of Economics and Management, consisting of 6 departments, Department of Theoretical Economics, Department of Applied Economics, Department of Business Administration, Department of Management Science, Department of Finance, Department of Accounting, Center for Comprehensive Experiment Center Economy and Management, Materials and References Center, and Research institutions, including 1 Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Center of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sustainable Development Center of Inner Mongolia, the City and Real Estate Economy Research Center, the Economy Research Institute of China, Russia and Mongolia, the Gold Economy and Application Research Center, the National Economy Research Center, the Regional Economic Research Center, the Enterprise Cases Economic Research Center, the Energy Economy and Strategic Management Research Center and the Industrial Economy Research Center.

     School of Economics and Management shoulders the responsibility of constructing Doctoral Program in Ethnic Economics, offering 2 Master Degree Programs in Applied Economics and Business Administration, 2 Master Degree Programs in Political Economy and Chinese Minority Economy and 4 Professional Master Programs, including MBA, MPACC, MF and EMBA, and 10 majors for Bachelor Degrees, including Economics, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Financial Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Financial Management, Business Administration, Management Science, Human Resource Management and Marketing, and Dual-degree Bachelor Programs in 4 majors, including Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, and International Economics and Trade.

As of May 2016, there are 72 full-time faculty members: 14 professors, 27 associate professors and 50 teachers with doctorate degree. 1 faculty member was listed in “National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”, 2 in “New Century Support Plan for Outstanding Talents” by the Ministry of Education, 4 in “Grassland Elite Project” of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 3 in “New Century 321 Talents Project of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region”, 1 in the National Leading Talents in Accounting, and 1 in the scholar of the Chinese-American Fulbright Program. The group of “Economy Sustainable Development in Resource-based Industry and Resource-rich Area” was selected in “2012 Innovative Team Development Plan” by the Ministry of Education.

    The school takes cultivating talents as its fundamental task to improve quality of talents by reinforcing teaching reform according to the characteristics of disciplines and majors. Currently, it possesses 2 Brand Majors of Economics and Finance at the regional level, 3 Excellent Courses of Management Accounting, Macro-Economics and Theory and Practice of Investment Banking, and 1 Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. In 2016, Talents Cultivating Center for the major of Economics was established. As of May 2016, there are 1210 undergraduates (including 75 international students), 194 postgraduates students for Academic Degree(including 45 international students), 580 postgraduates students for Professional Degree, and 819 dual-degree undergraduates. In recent years, the initial employment rate has remained around 85%.

School of Economics and Management has attached importance to scientific research and social service. It has been granted 29 Projects of National Natural Science Foundation during the period of “12th Five-Year”, 2 Projects of National Social Science Fund, 1 Project of Innovative Team by the Ministry of Education, 1 Project of Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education, and 1 sub-project supported by the National Science and Technology Plan. The total amount of approved fund adds up to 10,750,000 yuan. In addition, it has published more than 400 papers, among which 4 papers were indexed by SSCI, 5 papers by SCI, and 111 papers by CSSCI.

School of Economics and Management has conducted extensive international academic exchanges and co-operations with institutions in the United States, Japan, Britain and Russia, and it established GIS Application and Regional Economic Industry Research Center with the Aichi University in Japan, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Warwick in Britain, and constructed Sino-US Center for Conservation, Energy and Sustainability Science in Inner Mongolia (SUCCESS) with Arizona State University in the United States. The school has successfully applied for some international cooperation projects funded by Canada’s International Development Research Center(IDRC), Britain’s Department for International Development(BFID), Swiss Development cooperation(SDC), Aichi University in Japan and American Cultural Exchanges Center in recent years.

 At present, in the critical period of innovation and integration, the school is summarizing the previous researches and teaching experiences comprehensively. With the motto of “adopting statecraft for management and realizing the truth”, the school innovates in thought, system, and mechanism with a more open gesture, a more scientific attitude and a more practical attitude for learning, striving to become an internationalized School of Economics and Management with its influence in China and a first-class School of Economics and Management in the central and western minority areas of China.

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