School of History and Tourism Culture

College of History and Tourism Culture was founded in 2008 and has formed a system of cultivating bachelor, master and doctoral students. There are four undergraduate majors covering History, Tourism Management, Cultural Relics and Museology and the Base of Literature, History and Philosophy. Among them, the Base of Literature, History and Philosophy is the Base of Fundamental Scientific Researches and Talent Cultivating at the regional level. History and Tourism Management are ranked as Brand Majors at the regional level. The college offers Master Degree Programs in Chinese History and World History to enroll master students in Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese history, History of Particular Subjects, Archeology and Museology, Ancient World History and Modern World History. The college also offers Master Degree Program in Tourism Management to enroll master degree students in Tourism Operation and Management, and Tourism Planning and Management. The college offers Doctorate Degree Program in Chinese History(Level 1) to enroll doctor degree students in Ancient Chinese History and Modern Chinese History. At present, there are 542 undergraduates, 105 master’s students and 8 doctoral students. In addition, there are 24 international students for degree programs.

The college has a Base of Humanities and Social Sciences for Higher Institutions at the provincial level, Society and History Research Base in Inner Mongolia. The school also has four research platforms, including Tourism Study and Planning Center, the Center of Grassland Culture Heritage Studies, the Study Center of Regional Social History Research of Inner Mongolia, and Western Civilization Research Center. Consequently, there are three college-level academic innovation teams of Regional Development and Social Changes in Inner Mongolia, History of Western Civilization and the Sustainable Development of Grassland Tourism Industry.

At present, there are 40 faculty members, including 37 full-time teachers and 3 administrative staff. There is 1 member from the Seventh Review Group of Chinese History of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and 2 specialists enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, and 1 specialist with outstanding contribution at the regional level. There are also 2 doctoral supervisors, 19 master supervisors and 7 part-time master supervisors. There are 8 professors and 9 associate professors, 24 teachers with doctorate degree and 4 teachers studying in pursuit of in-service doctoral degree, with the teachers with doctoral degree accounting for 56.8 percent of the total.

Since its foundation, the college has made eminent achievements in scientific researches with 21 projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, 28 province-level or ministry-level projects and over 10 horizontal research projects with the funds of more than RMB 6 million Yuan. More than 10 monographs (including co-authored ones), 3 compiled books, 1 translation book and 2 compiled ancient books were published. More than 200 academic papers were published, among which over 150 were indexed by CSSCI. 15 province-level and Ministry-level awards were granted.

College of History and Tourism Culture is always following the educational concept of “seeking the historical truth and worshiping beauty of traveling”, carrying forward the excellent historical culture, advocating the modern tourism featured by civilization and encouraging students to learn more and think more as well as to seek the truth, kindness and beauty in order to cultivate high-equality talents in morality, intelligence, sports and virtue, with the strong practical ability, innovative spirit and solid professional knowledge. The college adheres to the excellent tradition of seeking truth and dealing with the concrete matters and makes efforts to create a free atmosphere of learning. In the future, the college will innovate further, unite resources so as to achieve breakthroughs in major projects and to make more contributions to the development of society and the construction of national culture of Inner Mongolia in forging the first-class disciplines and university.

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