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Auditing Office of Inner Mongolia University is the functional department established in 2008, which is responsible for its internal auditing work with three divisions: General Auditing Section, Financial Auditing Section and Project Auditing Section. There are 5 staff, including 1 director, 1 deputy director, 2 heads of sections and 1 deputy head of sections. In accordance with the state laws, regulations and policies as well as regulations of the university, Auditing Office supervises and evaluates economic activities of the university and its affiliated institutions, and at the same time accepts guidance, inspection and appraisal from the superior auditing institutions. Its main responsibilities are as follows.

1. To formulate, organize and implement the audit plans, annual work plans and internal audit regulations.

2. To audit the university’s budget implementing and final accounts, as well as the capital management and spending of  the department involved.

3. To audit the economic responsibilities of all the leading roles of divisions or equivalents in their position terms.

4. To conduct audit supervision on the financial condition, business achievements and relevant economic activities of secondary institutions attached to IMU, university holding institutions and other self-supporting business entities.

5. To perform audit supervision on purchase, management and using of the university’s assets.

6. To audit the spending of various kinds of special financial funds and research project funds as well as the countersign of final report of special scientific research projects.

7. To perform follow-up audit about the university’s basic construction and large renovation projects, establish control prices of bidding projects, audit the final accounts of construction project after completion, audit parts of the transactions and important transactions and provide audit consultation.

8. To conduct special auditing and audit investigation.

9. To bid, organize, coordinate and manage committed audit projects and other assignments committed by superiors and the university.


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