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Security Department of Inner Mongolia University

Under the leadership of the Party Committee and administrative department of the university, Security Department of Inner Mongolia University is an important department to maintain the security and stability of the campus, mainly in charge of keeping the campus safe, constructing and managing the precaution system by persons, equipment and techniques, managing fire safety to prevent fire, administrating traffic security to maintain traffic order, safeguarding campus political security, collecting information, maintaining stability by monitoring target individuals and other sensitive groups and managing household registration of faculty members and students. The present director of Security Department is Deng Xiuquan, and the deputy directors are Li Junhong and Yong Sheng. The Party branch secretary is Deng Xiuquan, and deputy secretary is Meng Qingfang.

Security Department of Inner Mongolia University is composed of General Section, Security Section Ⅰ, Security Management Section Ⅰ, Security Section Ⅱ, Security Management Section Ⅱ and Security Management Section for East Campus. At present, there are 11 administrative staff, 26 workers, and 83 temporary employees. There are six campus 110 patrol cars and a variety of protective equipment. Campus video surveillance system takes the lead among colleges and universities in the Autonomous Region, with a total of 1473 high-definition visual monitors distributed in all key points on campus. IMU is the first university in the Autonomous Region to introduce the police room and the traffic police into the campus and the first one to establish a campus miniature fire station.

In recent years, under the correct leadership and high attention of university leaders, with the great importance to the issue, under their correct leadership, great achievements have been made in campus security and stability. For several consecutive years, the university has maintained a safe and stable campus with a better order and fewer cases. Security Department of Inner Mongolia University has also been rated as “the Model Institution of Stability Maintenance in the Autonomous Region”, “the Advanced Collective for its Anti-drug Publicity Work in Saihan District”, “the Advanced Collective for its Fire Prevention in Saihan District”, “the Unit with Special Award for Social Comprehensive Management and Stability Maintenance in Saihan District” and “the Advanced Unit for Social Comprehensive Management and Stability Maintenance in Saihan District” and so on.


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