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Department of Development Planning

Department of Development Planning of IMU is an administrative department carrying out analysis and research, process management and evaluation for the development and planning of the university. There are two subdivisions Planning Section and Integrated Section. The main responsibilities can be listed as follows:

1. To draft and formulate the medium- and long- term development plan and the phased plan, organize and coordinate the colleges and departments to compile specialized development plan.

2. To monitor and assess the implementation of the university’s planning.

3. To plan and design such major projects as the “Double First-rate Project” (world first-rate university and world first-rate disciplines), Project of Enhancing Comprehensive Strength for Universities and Colleges in the Central and Western Areas, and the Project of Construction Co-sponsored by the Province and Ministry.

4. To undertake the task of management, inspection and acceptance of the university’s major projects.

5. To study the existing situation and tendency of the development of higher education at home and abroad, conduct the strategic research on the university’s development, collect the relevant national and local policies, rules and regulations, and other normative documents about higher education and the relevant work to offer references for the university’s decision-making. 

To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders.


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