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The Retirees Management Division is in charge of the management of and service for retired faculty members. In 1984, the Veteran Personnel Division was set up under the leadership of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, which is an organization officially established for the management of and service for retirees. In 1991, the division was promoted to the status of assistant-division, and further promoted to division status in 1996; after the reform of the administrative system of the IMU in 2001, the division was renamed as the Retirees Management Division, which is composed of the Comprehensive Service Section, Cultural Service Section and Management Service Section, etc. The existing staff consists of 7 people, including 1 at divisional rank, 1 at assistant divisional rank, 3 at sectional rank and 1 clerk. By December 2015, the number of retirees under the management of the division has come to 852 (on the campus proper), including 22 honorable retirees, 12 retirees from provincial posts and 830 regular retirees; there is 1 Party branch for honorable retirees directly under the Party Committee of IMU and 2 Party branches for common retirees.

The Retirees’ Affairs Commission and the Commission for Caring the Younger Generations of IMU give full play to the irreplaceable role played by retired professors, leaders and faculty members in the sound development of students. The Retirees’ Management Division comprises two mass organizations—the Self-Management Committee of Honorable Retirees and the Self-Management Committee of Regular Retirees, which enable the retirees to play active roles in self-management, self-education and self-service.

The division has been working hard to organize various recreational activities for the retirees, including lectures on healthcare and visits to different places. The calligraphy group, the chorus of senior citizens, the dance team, the croquet association, the billiards association, the table tennis association and other recreational & sports organizations have greatly enriched the cultural life of veteran faculty members. The IMU built recreational centers totaling 1,152 m²in area (527 m² on the north campus, 413 m² on the south campus and 212 m² at the Hope & Sunshine Garden) and other comprehensive venues including a croquet court for the retirees, which turn out to be arenas for them to acquire knowledge, entertain themselves and make full use of their senior years.

Guided by policies of the Party and the government, the principles of Education in the Mass Line, Three Stricts and Three Steadies, Studies on the Theoretical and Practical Issues of Party Building, Scientific Outlook on Development, the Retirees’ Management Division is committed to enhancing the consciousness of the overall situation, broadening the thinking pattern in its work, advancing the working conduct, strengthening the ideological and political education for the retirees and the construction of Party branches, and improving mechanisms for ensuring adequate living expenses, medical expenses and financial support for the retirees. The division has won recognition and advocacy from the retirees for its incessant efforts in improving its capacity and image, seeking solutions to unprecedented problems with innovative mindset, exploring for new thinking patterns and working modes under the new circumstances as well as commitment to serving the retirees pragmatically and in utmost sincerity without any complaints. Supported by IUM authorities, guided by the Bureau of Veteran Retried Officials of the CPC Inner Mongolia Committee, and propelled by the entirety of the staff members of the division, the management of and service for retirees has been moving onto a scientific, institutionalized and standardized track of development over the past three decades.

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