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Office of Party and Administration

The office of Party and Administration is a comprehensive working body which manages and coordinates the work of the Party committee and administrative affairs, performing the functions of the Office of Party committee and the School Office. It consists of eight sections, namely, the Secretarial Section, the General Section, the Information Section, the Confidential Supervision Section, the Family Planning Office, the Cooperation and Communication Section, the Comprehensive Management Section of Management Committee in the South Campus, and the Academic Conference Center, among which the Comprehensive Management Section of Management Committee in South Campus is an extended management division, the Cooperation and Communication Section an affiliated unit of department level, and the Academic Conference Center an affiliated unit of section level.

Main Functions:

1. To draft plans, summaries, documents, and manuscripts of the Party and administration affairs, and the reports and speeches of the school leaders as well. To be responsible for dealing with the documents of the University.

2. To inspect, implement and supervise the work assigned by the University Party committee and administration and issue plans, resolutions and decisions.

3. To be responsible for the arrangement of the Party committee meetings, the university leaders’ meetings like the Principals’ meetings and the other school-wide meetings, and tidy up the minutes of the meetings.

4. To be responsible for the information research and comprehensive statistical work of the University. Collect, sort out, and transmit the dynamic information of the University work and then conduct investigation and statistic analysis to provide references for the leadership to make the decisions.

5. To be responsible for the routine work of the Confidentiality Committeeand provide management and operation guidance to the secrecy-involved sections, units and individuals.

6. To organize and arrange relevant functional departments and units to attend the University’s temporary works and coordinate the cross-department and cross-unit work of the functional departments of the University Party committee and administration and the departments.

7. To arrange the public affairs for the University leaders and provide good service.

8. To conduct the external liaisons and receptions.

9. To arrange the holiday duty rosters of the whole University.

10. To deal with the petition letters and maintain the stability of the University.

11. To manage and use the school seals and letters of introduction.

12. To help the leaders coordinate the sections and units concerned to deal with serious emergencies.

13. To take charge of the comprehensive management and coordination work of the South Campus

14. To take charge of the routine work of the population and birth control of the University under the leadership of the University population and birth control work leading group.

15. To guide the office operation work of all departments.

16. To do the management work of the Administration Building and the Conference Center.

17. To complete other work assigned by school.

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