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Center for Mongolian Studies

Center for Mongolian Studies is the only one National Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences established by the Ministry of Education in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The center was constructed by the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia University with the mode of self-constructing by Inner Mongolia University in the aspect of the construction, management and operation.

    The center is a research institution directly under the leadership of Inner Mongolia University with the subdivisions of Mongolian Language and Literature Research Office, Mongolian History and Culture Research Office, Mongolian Society and Economy Research Office, National Museum, the Office and the References room, covering all research fields of Mongolian studies. There are 19 full-time researchers, 14 part-time researchers as well as 1 librarian, 1 editor of Collection of Mongolian studies, 1 network administrator and 1 office assistant.

   There are first-class conditions for study. The Center of Mongolian Studies adheres to the constructing standard defined by the Ministry of Education. The center implements the policy of breaking the life-long tenure system with the director’s requirement of “entering the center with projects and funds and departing after completing the projects”. Though major scientific research projects, the center acquires research achievements. Though scientific researches, the center cultivates high-quality and first-class academic leaders and young academic backbones. By curricula developing and postgraduates’ participating in research groups, the latest achievements in scientific researches are promoted to be applied to teaching, improving the teaching level and cultivating higher specialized talents of master students and doctoral students. Through the active academic exchanges, the center plays its role as a window in foreign exchanges. Through providing effective consulting and services for communities and governments at all levels, the center becomes the well-known Think Tank and advisory service center. Through deepening the reform of the scientific research system, the center plays its demonstrating and radiating role in reforming the scientific research system in higher educational institutions.

The present director of the center is Chimid Dorji and the deputy director is Professor Jorigt.


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