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Department of Logistics

In August 2015, Department of Logistics was established by integrating the former Logistics Department and Service Center, in order to construct an internal management structure and working mode adapted to the modern university system, to deepen the reform in the logistics of the University, and to further form management system and operating mechanism with clearly-defined rights and responsibilities, rational structure and effective operation.

Department of Logistics, an administrative unit of Inner Mongolia University, is the logistics service and support department mainly responsible for the smooth operation of teaching and scientific research and daily work. The department adheres to the principle of “providing high-quality service to teaching and scientific research, and faculty and students” with the working objective of “building a service- and support-oriented logistics department with standard management and service as well as efficient operation.” Based on the working concept of “laying equal emphasis on management and service, and support and efficiency” and management and operation mode of “small unit with many entities”, the department subdivides 13 section-level organs, among which there are 6 administrative offices including Comprehensive Office, Infrastructure and Repairing Project Management Office, Asset Management and Material Purchasing Office, Energy-saving Management Office, Medicare Insurance Office, Service Quality Supervision and Appraisal Office, and 5 service entities including Food Management and Service Center, Apartment Management Center, Classroom Management and Service Center, Water and Electricity Operation Center and Campus Environment Management and Service Center, 2 affiliated units (Inner Mongolia University Hospital and Inner Mongolia University Gymnasium) with 635 staff in the department, including 102 official institutional personnel and 533 non-institutional personnel.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee and administration of the university, Department of Logistics focuses on the central task, serves the overall interests, strengthens infrastructure, management and service quality, promotes team construction and internal management, to make contributions to the institutional reform, development and stability through reform and innovation, and continuous progress and constant effort. To propel the university’s “Double First-rate” construction and implement “all-round education” scheme made by the university’s Party Committee, Department of  Logistics will strive to build the first-class logistic management and service system as well as operating mechanism, and effectively improve the quality of management and service so as to provide a guarantee for the construction and development of the University.

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