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The Smart Card Center

Established in 2011, the Smart Card Center of Inner Mongolia University is affiliated to the Financial Department of IMU and responsible for the operation of the Campus Card and the financial information construction of IMU. The test run of the Campus Card system started in November 2011. As the media of the Campus Card system, the Campus Card has proved to be an indispensable identity credential and an instrument for the daily use of the teachers and students of IMU. The card facilitates management of the daily activities of the faculty members and provides essential data and information for the decision-making process for the teaching, scientific research, security and logistics of IMU. “A card in hand makes the campus an easy land.”

The Card Center consists of the Technical Service Section, the Operation Service Section and the service halls set up in both campuses for handling relevant business for the teachers and students. The main responsibilities of the departments are as follows:

The Technical Service Section: responsible for the operation and maintenance of the financial information systems (including the Financial Management System, Charging Management System and Campus Card System) and terminal equipment; troubleshooting and finding solutions to problems of other systems docked with the financial information systems; improvement of related business of the financial information systems by learning and drawing on advanced technologies both at home and abroad; upgrading the financial information systems with the development of information construction; assisting related departments in equipment purchasing for the Campus Card and the financial systems; and coordinating and contacting developers of the finance information systems, related equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

The Operation Service Section: responsible for the settlement, reconciliation and related banking business of the consumption funds of the Campus Card; the operation of the Campus Card service halls; exercising unified management of business entities of the Campus Card; drafting and improving relevant rules for the management of the Campus Card; all-round publicity and promotion for the effects of the Campus Cards; overall planning and construction of financial information system as well as the collection, sorting and furnishing of the data of the financial information systems.

Campus Card Service Hall: responsible for upgrading the information of Campus Card users, gathering information for teachers and students and making and distributing Campus Cards for new users; card replenishment, cash recharge, report of loss, removing report of loss, card release, resetting passwords, refunding for graduates, etc; illustrating the use of the Campus Card and solving problems arising in the process of using Campus Cards for teachers and students; cleaning and maintenance of the terminal equipment of Campus Card on a regular basis; assisting in the functional testing for newly issued systems and troubleshooting of terminal equipment of Campus Card; construction and maintenance of the website of the Financial Department; collecting and sorting the opinions and suggestions on the use of Campus Card and improving the system in a timely manner.

In the new situation of rapid development of network informatization, the Card Center is committed to providing service to IMU, the faculty members and the students in order to lay a solid foundation for creating a “double first-class” university.

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