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The archive of Inner Mongolia University is a scientific and cultural institution responsible for permanent preservation and furnishing of archives for IMU. It is the center of storage and utilization of information resources of archives of IMU and its work is of fundamental significance for IMU in maintaining the true outlook of the history of IMU. The archives of various forms in the functional activities including teaching, research, management etc of the units and departments of IMU vividly and specifically reflect the historical track of the development of IMU, which are the most direct and realistic historical records and is precious information resources and cultural wealth of IMU.

In the beginning period of IMU, an archive office was established as an affiliated department to the President’s office. At that time, the files on stock are relatively limited, covering only documentary and teaching archives. In February 1988, the Archive Section was established for centralized management of files. The director of the President’s office was appointed director of the archive after the establishment of the comprehensive archive room in accordance with the “Sixth Command” of the Education Commission in April, 1991. The archive was incorporated into the library during the structural reform of IMU in April 2000 with the aim of improving the level of modern management of archives by relying on the capacity of the modern management of the library. When a new round of reform of recruitment began in December 2003, the Archive was established as an affiliated part to the library. The deputy director of the library was appointed curator of the Archive. The Department of Books and Information Technology of IMU was set up in 2015, consisting of the library, the Network Information Center and the audio-visual room. At present, the deputy director of this department is concurrently in charge of the Archive.

The basic functions of the archive:

I. To implement national and local laws, regulations and policies on archives, to implement instructions and norms of the archival work issued by higher authorities;

II. To lay down management regulations for the archival work of IMU in accordance with policies and regulations of the State and IMU on archive management;

III. To establish and improve rules, regulations and business norms for archives management of IMU, and to supervise, guide and inspect the archival work of the departments and units of IMU;

IV. To undertake the collection, sorting, identification, preservation, statistical analysis, protection, utilization etc of archives and related information of IMU;

V. To implement the regulations of the Party and the State on confidentiality of archives and safeguard the security of confidential documents;

VI. To ensure the "eight-dimensional prevention" and the integrity and security of the archives;

VII. To actively carry out informationized construction of the Archive;

VIII. To carry out researches in archival theories, organize and participate in collaboration and exchange activities related to archival work.

The Archive of Inner Mongolia University is located on the first floor of the Folklore Museum of the northern campus, staffed with five archive personnel, including one senior title holder and four medium-grade professional title holders. The warehouse is equipped with 78 sets of compact shelving, including temperature and humidity monitors, fire prevention equipment and burglarproof equipment. The office equipment includes computers, servers, printers, copiers and binding machines. With the introduction of “INFOSOFT”, an archive management software in 2004, the database at archive-level, file-level and original-text-level of IMU has been set up.

Leaders of IMU attach great importance to the work of the Archive. In order to ensure the integrity of various categories of archives, a file management network under the leadership of one of the vice presidents was set up. One leader of each of the divisions and departments is in charge of the archival work. In addition, part-time file management personnel are assigned to ensure the timely collection of various categories of files and filing. The service items provided include file inquiries, work-related application, academic research, publicity and education, inquiries of calls and letters, inquiry of academic records, score inquiry, printing of scores in English and Chinese, etc.

Since the establishment of the Archive, the staff members have conscientiously performed their duties, satisfactorily completed archival work of IMU, and made remarkable achievements. The Archive was rated as an excellent archive room in 1989, Class II unit for archive management in institutional organizations in 1990, advanced collective for archive system in Inner Mongolia in 1991, Class I unit of archive management in 1995, advanced unit of object management assessment of archival work and excellent archive utilization and service unit in Inner Mongolia in January 2005.

From 2013 to 2015, the Archive has collected 9635 volumes (5754 pieces) of files, received 5281 person-times for using the files totaling 15438 volumes (pieces), with 13 falsified certificates identified in the process. While ensuring the normal operation of the archive, digitalization of the archives on stock is being conducted. Up to now more than 90 million pages have been digitalized.

At present, the Archive is actively committed to the information construction of file management in the new era and continuous improvement of its service, so as to meet various demands of the faculty members and students and social utilization to the largest extent.

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