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Launched in 1959, the Journal of Inner Mongolia University comprises three editions, namely the edition for philosophy and social sciences (Mongolian), the edition for philosophy and social sciences and the edition for natural sciences.

   The Mongolian edition of Philosophy and Social Sciences is devoted to publishing theses by faculty members and students of IMU written in Mongolian. The columns of the edition cover Mongolian language and scripts, Mongolian literature, the history, culture, religion, jurisprudence, philosophy, economics of the Mongolian nation and international Mongolian studies, with Mongology and studies of minority ethnic groups of the northern regions of China as the distinctive features. The edition for philosophy and social sciences comprises columns for political science, philosophy, Mongology, history, economics, jurisprudence, literature and linguistics, devoted to publishing achievements of researches in the realm of philosophy and social sciences. The edition for natural science covers columns of monographic studies, briefings on researches and comprehensive commentaries, and is devoted to publicizing new inventions, creations and results in natural sciences as a reflection of IUM’s accomplishments in fundamental and applied sciences.

As the academic showcase of IMU, the journal has always been adhering to the correct political direction and guidance of public opinions, conscientiously implementing the principles, policies, decrees, laws and regulations of the Party and the State related to publication, sticking to the orientation of “dual purpose”, following the “double-hundred” guideline, upholding the correct purpose of the journal, and has fully displayed to the world the academic achievements and conduct of IMU. In the course of more than 50 years of arduous development, the journal has endeavoring to keep pace with the times and making constant explorations. Guided by a correct orientation, the journal formulated the principle of “exchanging academic thoughts, promoting scientific research, serving teaching and research, propelling the scientific and cultural undertakings, and advancing the economic, social and cultural development of Inner Mongolia” and the guideline of “pursuing quality and highlighting distinctiveness”, which contributed to the style characterized with meticulousness in academic studies, standardized editing, strong ethnic features and distinctiveness in overall characteristics.

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