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The Student Employment Office of Inner Mongolia University (formerly the Graduate Employment Guidance Center of Inner Mongolia University) is a functional department, responsible for students’ career development education as well as the guidance, service and management of their employment and entrepreneurship, under the dual leadership of the Party committee and the administration of Inner Mongolia University. The Office sets the Employment Market Section, the Employment Guidance Section (Staff Room of Employment Guidance Course), and the Information Management Section. Its main functions include:

Formulating the implementation of students’ employment and entrepreneurship, and then organizing to carry it out according to the employment guidelines and policies of the nation and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as well as the relevant requirements of the school;

Collecting and timely releasing the employers’ graduates demand information and various types of employment and entrepreneurship policies for college students;

Developing the graduate market, widely connecting the employers, and organizing the campus preaching and recruitment activities;

Being responsible for the organization of employment-related courses and carrying out the career education and employment counseling to help students fully recognize the self, understand the workplace, and establish the correct view of career choice;

Organizing the campus cultural activities related to the students’ employment and entrepreneurship;

Constructing the entrepreneurial incubation room, carrying out the work about the entrepreneurial training and guidance, and supporting college students to start their own business;

Carrying out the key assistance of the graduates with employment difficulties;

Completing the contract formalities for employment agreements, and being responsible for the dispatch and archival matters of graduates;

Carrying out statistical analysis and follow-up research on the employment of graduates.


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