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Organization Department (United Front Work Department)


    Led by the University Party Committee, the Organization Department (United Front Work Department) is a functional department in charge of organizations, cadres and United Front work. It sets up three sections, namely, the Organization Section, the Cadres Section and the United Front Section. With the name retained, the Party School of the University is incorporated into the Organization Department and assigned to the Organization Section.

I Main Functions:

1. To research and guide the organizational construction of the Party of the University and explore the ways of establishment and activities of the Party organizations at all levels. To take charge of the management and development of all Party members of the University and guide the theoretical research of the Party construction of the whole University.

2. To guide the ideological construction of the University leading group at the department level; to put forward comments and suggestions on the adjustment and staffing of the leading group led by the University Party Committee; to take charge of the assessment of the cadres led by the University Party Committee and conduct the approval procedures of appointment and removal; to be responsible for the examination, approval, appointment and removal of Party-mass cadres at the section level; to conduct the deployment, communication and resettlement of cadres at the department level.

3. To be responsible for the assessment of the Party and administration cadres at the department level in the University.

4. To study and formulate the plan for the construction of school cadres, and organize and implement the training and selection of excellent young and middle-aged cadres; to be responsible for the training and management of the reserve cadres at the school level and the department level.

5. To be responsible for the supervision and inspection of the organization work, the work of cadres and the United Front work. To  reflect the important situations and make suggestions to the College Working Committee, the Organization Department of the Party committee and the United Front Work Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

6. To be in charge of the educational work of all Party members and cadres of the university. To study and formulate policies and plans for education and training and put them into practice; to organize, direct and check the educational work of Party members and cadres of the University.

7. To contact the democratic parties and non-party personages, timely report their opinions and suggestions; to support and help the democratic parties strengthen their own construction, and cultivate and select representatives of democratic parties; to be responsible for the training, selection, assessment, arrangement and recommendation of non-Communist cadres; to be responsible for the work of ethnic and religious affairs and overseas Chinese affairs of the University.

8. To complete other work assigned by the Party committee, the superior organizations and the United Front Work Department.

II Staffing and Leadership Positions

The administrative establishment of the Party Organization Department (United Front Work Department) of the University consists of 6 members (3 at the department level), including 1 minister, 2 vice ministers and 3 cadres at section level.

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