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The Publicity Department of Party Committee

The Publicity Department of Party Committee

The Publicity Department of Party Committee is mainly in charge of the Party Committee’s ideological work and thought publicity. Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the Department is responsible for organizing and coordinating the study of Marxism and major policies of CPC Central Committee. It also has the responsibility to carry out ideological education of patriotism, socialism and collectivism, take effective measures to continuously improve the ideological and political work, and vigorously promote the construction of mass spiritual civilization. It works to adhere to the correct direction of public opinion and fully display the IMU’s teaching and scientific research achievements as well as spiritual outlook, thus providing public opinion support and solid ideological and political guarantee for the building of a high-level university.

The Publicity Department of the Party Committee consists of three sections: the Publicity Section, the Theory Section and the Editorial Department of the Journal of IMU. Now, there is one minister, one vice minister, one deputy section chief, one clerk, one Mongolian editor and one Chinese editor. The Theory Section remains vacant.

The Duty of the Publicity Department

Director: Be responsible for the overall work of the Publicity Department and be in charge of the theoretical work and campus cultural construction.


1. To formulate and implement IMU’s ideological publicity plans; to organize the political theory learning for teachers, students and other staff of the IMU, and to carry out situation and policy education in a planned way.

2. To formulate learning plans for the central group of the Party committee and organize to implement the plans; to give guidance in theoretical learning to the central group of IMU's secondary units.

3. To acquaint itself with the ideological trends of teachers and students and to carry out ideological education aiming at those in need.

4. To grasp the theoretical research information and the academic trends in society and science, give a centralized guidance and management to IMU's theoretical work and organize the theoretical workers to conduct theoretical research and publicity.

5. To take charge of the routine work of IMU’s Party Building and Ideological and Political Research Institute; to organize ideological and political education research, and exchange research results in the annual meeting.

6. On campus cultural construction: to organize and carry out campus cultural construction in accordance with IMU’s unified arrangements.

Vice-Director: to assist the Director with the work of the Publicity Department, and take charge of IMU’s publicity, spiritual civilization construction, law popularization, public opinion work, IMU History Museum and office work.


1. To formulate and implement the publicity plans based on IMU’s central work; map out and carry out the publicity programs for major activities in accordance with IMU’s overall arrangements.

2. To be responsible for the external news of IMU; to receive and make contact with the social media; to release news report on unexpected events.

3. To be responsible for IMU’s journal review; to plan, draft and proofread the press manuscripts of major events; to draft publicity briefings according to the work.

4. To guide grass-roots Party organizations, mass organizations and units of IMU to carry out the internal and external publicity.

5. To generally manage, organize, coordinate and supervise IMU’s network publicity; to maintain and manage news network of Inner Mongolia University.

6. To take charge of the publicity and management of social news on campus.

7. On spiritual civilization construction: to make plans for spiritual civilization construction; to organize and coordinate the development of relevant activities; to supervise and inspect the relevant work; to select and set good examples and make wide advocacy so as to promote the spiritual civilization construction.

8. On law popularization: to implement the popularization of IMU’s legal publicity and education and other work. On public opinion work: to be responsible for public opinion monitoring, collecting, sorting, judging and reporting.

9. On IMU History Museum work: to preserve the IMU History Museum and make daily reception.

On office work: to take charge of the policy implementation in the office and the collecting, sorting and filing of texts, pictures and videos; to safeguard and preserve the former Professor Building built in the early stage of IMU.

Responsibilities of the Theoretical Section

1. To participate in the drafting and formulating of IMU's publicity working plans and theoretical learning plans, and ensure the fulfillment of all tasks; to draft relevant materials.

2. To be responsible for ideological and political research, get to know the thought and ideological work trends on publicity of teachers, students and other staff, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions.

3. To complete the study meeting affairs of the central group of the Party committee.

4. To implement the daily work of the Ideological and Political Research Institute; to make preparations for the annual meeting.

5. To carry out tasks related to IMU’s cultural construction.

6. To accomplish publicity tasks assigned by the Department.

7. To complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Responsibilities of the Publicity Section

1. To participate in the drafting, formulating and implementing of publicity working plans. To draft relevant materials.

2. To be responsible for the news gathering, editing and releasing; to publicize and report advanced models; to ensure daily maintenance and management of news network; to design and make thematic webpage.

3. To strengthen the close contact with other departments, provide service, coordinate the work of different departments, and collect publicity information timely; to carry out public opinion monitoring, collecting, sorting and reporting; to manage the correspondent team.

4. To collect, sort and search news photo materials.

5. To design and make publicity window, panel, photo album and feature film; to be responsible for the LED displaying, managing and maintaining.

6. To assist the leader of the department with legal publicity and education, and promote IMU’s spiritual civilization construction.

7. To complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Department of the Journal of IMU

1. To give a full description of IMU’s teaching, scientific research, talents cultivation, major reforms and progress based on IMU’s central work, and to draft manuscripts of important speeches.

2. To complete timely the writing, editing, typesetting, proofreading and releasing of the fortnightly IMU journal including both Mongolian version and Chinese version.

3. To take charge of the management of student press corps.

4. To be responsible for the annual journal inspection, press review and issue verification carried out by the Press and Publication Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

5. To be responsible for the news collecting, editing and releasing; to write exemplary deeds.

6. To accomplish other work assigned by the authorities.

Responsibilities of the IMU’s History Museum

1. To take charge of the collecting, receiving, sorting and storing of IMU’s historical accounts, building a database for displaying different historical materials.

2. To reinforce fire control, keep the museum safe and clean, and preserve historical accounts.

3. To receive visitors and arrange guides for them. To register visitors’ information and collect message and signature.

4. To strengthen guides training and the management of work-study students.

5. To finish the work assigned by the leader.

Responsibilities of the Office

1. To draft, print and distribute documents of the department.

2. To assist the leader with documents received, supervise the implementation of leader’s instruction and other documents related, sort and file important documents.

3. To coordinate the work with other departments and within the Publicity Department, and ensure the implementation of publicity work and meeting arrangements.

4. To be responsible for newspaper and magazine subscription as well as fixed asset statistics and management.

5. To maintain and manage the network system of the Publicity Department. To back up online materials with disks and keep them on file; to manage files on the website.

6. To deal with relevant formalities of the retired and provide full service.

7. To take charge of the security work, including fire prevention and theft prevention, etc. To manage and maintain the Xiao Qian Literary Center and former residence for Professors.

8. To finish other work assigned by the leader.

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