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Established in the early 1990s, Finance Department of Inner Mongolia University originated from Finance Section of General Affairs Office, and is a department managing financial affairs of the university. Nourished by the Communist Party of China, Finance Department has made progress along with development of the university. Now, the department is equipped with the staff with high-level education background, rational knowledge structure and solid professionalism. Meanwhile, its financial management and informationization have improved constantly. Among all colleges and universities in the Autonomous Region, Finance Department of Inner Mongolia University takes the lead in budget management of the special fund, online reimbursement for travel expense and service fee, and self-service system, which optimizes business process and improves work efficiency.

Finance Department adheres to the principle of being meticulous in finance management and being earnest in service. With the passion for work and brand-new accounting concept, the department keeps pace with times, blazes new trails in a pioneering spirit, carries out financial management and supervision comprehensively so as to ensure finance work going smoothly. The main responsibilities are as follows:

In accordance with the state laws, combined with the situation of the university, Finance Department formulates finance management system and rules for the implementation, with the responsibilities of carrying out, supervising, and inspecting them, to facilitate finance work to be scientific, institutional and normative. Based on the development and work plans of the university, Finance Department completes the compilation of the report on the budget and final account for revenues and expenditures, reinforces financial management and supervision, and formulates the internal control system against financial risks. Finance Department strengthens the analysis of budget enforcement, supervises the enforcement and efficiency of budget of financial allocation and major special projects, establishes fund supervision and performance appraisal mechanism, raises fund through various legal channels, supervises the source and spending of funds, increases revenue while cutting down expenses, and improves cost-effectiveness of funds. Finance Department takes full charge of revenues and expenses, and accounting and management of all the funds, conducts accounting for daily revenues and expenses and infrastructure projects, promotes online payment service in an all-round way and manages the charge bills properly, distributes the faculty numbers’ salaries, public reserve funds, housing allowances and students’ scholarships and loans properly and carries out tax declaration earnestly. Finance Department comprehensively implements information construction in finance and effectively extends the service of one-card system, implements accountant appointment system, guides and supervises financial accounting and management of secondary independent accounting units, organizes financial staff training, reinforces the education and management to them, and develops a professional accounting team.

Financial Department dedicated itself to serving teaching and research, and development of the university, striving to explore a modern financial management mode caring for characteristics of the university and to broaden services. The department actively provides a guarantee for the reform and development of all undertakings, and makes contributions to constructing Inner Mongolia University into “Double First-rate” higher educational institution.

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